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allen heath wz 314 owners manual

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WZ 314:4:2 User Guide 3 Important Safety Instructions WARNINGS - Read the following before proceeding : ATTENTION: RISQUE DE CHOC ELECTRIQUE -“ NE PAS OUVRIR Read instructions: Retain these safety and operating instructions for future reference. Adhere to all warnings printed here and on the console. Follow the operating instructions printed in this User Guide. Do not remove cover: Operate the console with its covers correctly fitted. Disconnect mains power by unplugging the power cord if the cover needs to be removed for setting internal options. Refer this work to competent technical personnel only. Power sources: Connect the console to a mains power unit only of the type described in this User Guide and marked on the rear panel. Use the power cord with sealed mains plug appropriate for your local mains supply as provided with the console. If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet consult your service agent for assistance. Power cord routing: Route the power cord so that it is not likely to be walked on, stretched or pinched by items placed upon or against it. Grounding: Do not defeat the grounding and polarisation means of the power cord plug. Do not remove or tamper with the ground connection in the power cord. Water and moisture: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock do not expose the console to rain or moisture or use it in damp or wet conditions. Do not place containers of liquids on it which might spill into any openings. Ventilation: Do not obstruct the ventilation slots or position the console where the air flow required for ventilation is impeded. If the console is to be operated in a rack unit or flightcase ensure that it is constructed to allow adequate ventilation. Heat and vibration: Do not locate the console in a place subject to excessive heat or direct sunlight as this could be a fire hazard. Locate the console away from any equipment which produces heat or causes excessive vibration. Servicing: Switch off the equipment and unplug the power cord immediately if it is exposed to moisture, spilled liquid, objects fallen into the openings, the power cord or plug become damaged, during lightening storms, or if smoke, odour or noise is noticed. Refer servicing to qualified technical personnel only. Installation: Install the console in accordance with the instructions printed in this User Guide. Do not connect the output of power amplifiers directly to the console. Use audio connectors and plugs only for their intended purpose. CAUTION WARNING: This equipment must be earthed.