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allen heath ml3000 service manual

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Dual Function Live Sound Console


Publication AP4511

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This service manual provides technical information on the Allen & Heath ML3000 audio console.
Included is the technical specification, system block diagram, circuit schematics with board layouts,
and a spare parts list. Information on the power supply is available in a separate publication. Only
technically qualified service personnel should carry out service work on the console and its power

Whilst we believe the information in this manual to be reliable we do not assume responsibility for
inaccuracies. We also reserve the right to make changes in the interest of further product

We are able to offer further product support through our world-wide network of approved dealers
and service agents. You can also access our Web site on the Internet for information on our
product range and further technical support. To help us provide the most efficient service please
keep a record of the console serial number, and date and place of purchase to be quoted in any
communication regarding this product. The serial number is located on the rear panel.

Check out our home site for information on the company and its pedigree, our full product range
and our design philosophy. We also have a site dedicated to the ML Series consoles.


ML3000 Service Manual AP4511 Issue 1

Copyright © 2002 Allen & Heath. All rights reserved

This product complies with the European Electromagnetic
C E Compatibility directives 89/336/EEC & 92/31/EEC and the
European Low Voltage Directives 73/23/EEC & 93/68/EEC.

This product has been tested to EN55103 Parts 1 & 2 1996 for use in
Environments E1, E2, E3, and E4 to demonstrate compliance with the
protection requirements in the European EMC directive 89/336/EEC. During
some tests the specified performance figures of the product were affected.
This is considered permissible and the product has been passed as
acceptable for its intended use.

Allen & Heath has a strict policy of ensuring all products are tested to the
latest safety and EMC standards. Customers requiring more information
about EMC and safety issues can contact Allen & Heath.

NOTE: Any changes or modifications to the console not approved by Allen &
Heath could void the compliance of the console and therefore the users
authority to operate it.


Manufactured in the United Kingdom by Allen & Heath
Kernick industrial Estate, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9LU, UK

ML3000 Service Manual