Allen heath gl4000 mixer service manual

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allen heath gl4000 mixer service manual

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ALLEN & HEATH 2 L4DSM2 INTRODUCTION The information presented in this manual is intended for competent techn\ ical personnel to carry out service and product support for the GL4000. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the related electronic \ theory and audio terminology, and is able to carry out basic servicing, fault-finding and repair of au\ dio equipment of this type. Service personnel should also be familiar with audio systems, mains earthing and power requiremen\ ts, as well as handling precautions. For further information on the operation and application of the GL4000 please refer to the USER GUIDE publication AP2642 supplied with each console. Whilst we believe the information in this manual to be reliable we do no\ t assume responsibility for inaccuracies. We also reserve the right to make changes in the interest of further product dev\ elopment. SERVICE AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT Under normal conditions the GL4000 does not require user maintenance or internal calibration. Any service \ work required should be carried out by qualified technical personnel only. We are able to offer further product support through our worldwide distr\ ibution network. To help us provide the most efficient service please would you quote the console serial number in an\ y communication regarding this product. copyright © 2002 ALLEN & HEATH. All rights reserved Publication ...................... AP2640 Issue 3 SAFETY WARNING ! Mains electricity is dangerous and can kill. Mains voltage is present wi\ thin the console power supply unit. Do not remove the top cover with mains connected. Do not c\ arry out any work within the unit while it is powered. High voltage components are insulat\ ed for safety but should not be touched with power applied. The mains voltage setting is factory \ set and is indicated on the rear panel. Check that this matches your local mains supply. Ch\ eck your mains wiring and earthing before switching on. DO NOT REMOVE THE MAINS EARTH CONNECTION! The console chassis is always connected to mains earth. This manual is printed in four sections: SECTION A provides all the technical information and service procedures. It also d\ etails how to order spare parts for the GL4000 console and meterpod, the RPS11 power supply unit and the RPSD2 dual supply combiner/monitor. The contents of the GL4000 spares kits is also listed. SECTION B contains the fitting instructions for the expander and add-on options. SECTION C contains all the technical diagrams for the GL4000 console, the meterpod option and the SYS-LINK option. Any technical bulletins are also in this section. Technical inf\ ormation for the console power supply is given in Section D. SECTION D contains all the technical diagrams and information for the console powe\ r supply unit . Spare parts and assemblies for the power supply are listed in Section A. SECTION E contains all the technical diagrams and information for the RPSD2 dual supply combiner/ monitor. Spare parts and assemblies for the RPSD2 are listed in Section A.