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allen heath gl 3300 owners manual

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2GL3300 USER GUIDELIMITED ONE YEAR WARRANTY This product has been manufactured in the UK by ALLEN & HEATH and is warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase by the original owner. To ensure the high level of performance and reliability for which this equipment has been designed and manufactured please read this User Guide before use. In the event of a failure notify and return the defective unit to ALLEN & HEATH or its authorised agent as soon as possible for repair under warranty subject to the following conditions:CONDITIONS OF WARRANTY: 1.The equipment has been installed and operated in accordance with the instructions in the User Guide. 2.The equipment has not been subject to misuse either intended or accidental, neglect, or alteration other than as described in the User Guide or Service Manual, or approved by ALLEN & HEATH. 3.Any necessary adjustment, alteration, or repair has been made by ALLEN & HEATH or its authorised agent. 4.The defective unit is to be returned carriage prepaid to ALLEN & HEATH or its authorised agent with proof of purchase. 5.Units to be returned should be packed to avoid transit damage. These terms of warranty apply to UK sales. In other territories the terms may vary according to legal requirements. copyright © 1997 ALLEN & HEATH. All rights reservedPublication.....................AP3102 Issue 1A DIVISION OF HARMAN INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIES Ltd.Manufactured In England ALLEN & HEATH Kernick Industrial Estate, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9LU, UK http://www.allen-heath.comAllen & Heath agent:This product complies with the European Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives 89/336/ EEC & 92/31/EEC and the European Low Voltage Directives 73/23/EEC & 93/68/EEC.

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GL3300 USER GUIDE3PRECAUTIONS. l lAC POWER:Check the power unit for correct AC mains voltage setting before switching on. Allow adequate space around the unit for ventilation. l lCONNECTIONS: Use audio connectors and cables only for their intended purpose. Do not connect anysource of AC or DC power to the console audio connectors. Do not connect the outputof power amplifiers directly to the console. l lCLEANING:Avoid the use of chemicals, abrasives and solvents. The control panel is best cleaned with a soft brush and lint-free cloth. To remove stubborn marks (such as chinagraph pencil) isopropyl alcohol may be used. l lLUBRICATION:The faders, switches and potentiometers are lubricated for life. The use of electrical lubricants on these parts is not recommended. l lDIRT, DUST, SMOKE and MOISTURE: Prevent damage to the moving parts, such as faders and potentiometers, and cosmetics by avoiding drinks spill age, tobacco ash and smoke, and exposure to rain and condensation. Protect from excessive dirt, dust, heat and vibration.INTRODUCTION The GL3300 continues ALLEN & HEATH-s commitment to provide high quality audio mixing consoles engineered to meet the exacting requirements of today-s audio business. It brings you the latest in high performance technology and offers the reassurance of over two decades of console manufacture and customer support. This user guide presents a quick reference to the function, application and installation of the GL3300. For further information on the basic principles of audio system engineering please refer to one of the specialist publications available from bookshops and audio equipment dealers. Whilst we believe the information in this guide to be reliable we do not assume responsibility for inaccuracies. We also reserve the right to make changes in the interest of further product development.SERVICE AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT Under normal conditions the GL3300 does not require user maintenance or internal calibration. Any service work required should be carried out by qualified service personnel only. We are able to offer further product support through our worldwide network of approved dealers and service agents. To help us provide the most efficient service please keep a record of the console serial number, and date and place of purchase to be quoted in any communication regarding this product.Mains electricity is dangerous and can kill. Mains voltage is present within the power supply unit provided with the console. Do not remove the power unit cover with mains connected. The correct mains voltage setting is indicated on the rear of the power unit. Check your mains wiring and earthing before switching on. DO NOT REMOVE THE MAINS EARTH CONNECTION! The console chassis is connected to mains earth to ensure your safety. Audio 0V connects to the console chassis internally. Should problems be encountered with ground loops operate the audio ground lift switches on connected equipment accordingly or disconnect the cable screens at one end. Refer to the section on 'EARTHING' later in this User Guide.SAFETY WARNING