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akg wms 400 brochure

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C 411 L C 416 L C 417 L C 419 L C 420 L C 444 L C 55 L CK 77 WR L C 477 WR L C 418 L SR400HT400PT400CU 400 374 442 508710 124 198 238650863 972 1024 LM 3 L CK 31 CK 32 CK 33 ANTENNA ABALANCEDANTENNA B +6 0 -30 dB UNBALANCED MADE IN AUSTRIA DC IN 12V 500mA SR400HT400PT400CU 400 SR400HT400PT400CU 400 SR400HT400PT400CU 400 INFRA-RED RADIATOR FOR TRANSMITTER PROGRAMMING Infra-Red transmission is immune to RF interference and ensures quick, reliable transmitter programming. ON/OFF SWITCH RECESSED LEVEL CONTROL The output level control is recessed to prevent unintentional readjustment.BACKLIT LCD The LC display uses red/green bicolor backlighting for easy operating status monitoring even from a distance.MENU KEYS for easy programming. LED METERING Accurate readout of audio level, diversity status, and RF level.METAL CASE Half-rack case for easy, space-saving rack mounting. XLR AUDIO OUTPUT Professional balanced XLR audio output.LOCKING DC INPUT The DC input provides a locking connector for reliable connection to the power supply and to prevent the power cable from being disconnected unintentionally. ANTENNA INPUTS Allow you to connect plug-in antennas, remote antennas, or even a complex antenna network. 1/4" AUDIO OUTPUT Professional unbalanced 1/4" output jack. PRESET DISPLAY WITH AUDIO AND RF BARGRAPHS The display indicates the currently selected frequency preset as well as audio and RF levels. FREQUENCY SEARCH DISPLAY The receiver is automatically searching for clean frequencies, making system programming quick and easy. REHEARSAL MODE DISPLAY The receiver can record dropouts and related parameters as the transmitter is moved around the performance area.WARNING DISPLAY If, for instance, the transmitter batteries are running low, the display backlighting will change to red, reminding you that the system needs your attention.INFRARED TRANSMISSION DISPLAY The receiver is downloading frequency setup data to the transmitter. SR 400. STATIONARY RECEIVER. * Depending on local frequency plans. AUTOMATIC FREQUENCY SEARCH The receiver will automatically scan its frequency band, find interference-free frequencies, and transmit the related data to the transmitter by infrared. PROGRAMMABLE DISPLAY Shows the most important system parameters at a glance. REHEARSAL FUNCTION Records the most important system parameters during the soundcheck. MULTI-CHANNEL CAPABILITY Up to 12 channels can be operated simultaneously within a single subband.* SYSTEM COMPONENTS. PS 4000 ANTENNA SPLITTER Wideband antenna splitter for four SR 400 receivers. Expandable for up to 50 or more receivers. Optimum performance at a reasonable cost. HPA 4000 HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER Headphone amplifier with eight inputs for SR 400 receivers and one headphone output.RA 4000 B OMNIDIRECTIONAL WIDEBAND BOOSTER ANTENNA - For indoor or outdoor use, specifically, for near-field antenna setups with no preferred direction - Integrated high-performance antenna booster for use with antenna cables up to 180 m (approx. 600 ft.) long -Remote powering option - Rugged, water-resistant case, BNC output - Status LED AB 4000 ANTENNA BOOSTER High-performance antenna booster for inserting into long antenna cables. One AB 4000 can compensate for approximately 17 dB of cable attenuation, allowing RG 213 cable runs to be extended by approx. 60 m (200 feet). Up to three AB 4000 boosters can be used in series for extremely long cable runs. - BNC or N input and output - DC input - Status LED - Water-resistant case ASU 4000 REMOTE POWER ADAPTER Remote power supply for complex antenna networks - BNC or N input and output - Locking DC input - Status LED - Water-resistant case TWO UNIVERSAL CHARGING SLOTS Accommodate HT 400 and PT 400 transmitters, or AA size rechargeable batteries. CHARGING STATUS LEDLOCKING DC JACK Input jack for a local or central power supply (e.g., PSU 4000). PLUG-IN CHARGING Convenient charging with no need to remove the battery from the transmitter. A single 1.2 V NiMH AA size battery (> 2000 mAh) provides up to 8 hours of operation. TWO UNIVERSAL CHARGING SLOTS QUICK-CHARGE FUNCTION FOR GENTLE BATTERY CHARGING CHARGING STATUS INDICATOR CU 400. CHARGER. RECOMMENDED MICROPHONES FOR THE PT 400 Speech Speech Speech Guitar, BanjoViolin, ViolaZither, Sitar Accordion Presenter Theater Violin Flute Vocals Speech Aerobics trainer, Announcer Djembe, Gumbe, etc.Didgeridoo Woodwind and brass instruments Vocals/ Theater TheaterDjembe, Gumbe, etc. Speech HT 400 / D 880 HT 400 / D 880 M M DYNAMIC MICROPHONE DYNAMIC MICROPHONE HT 400 / C 900 HT 400 / C 900M M CONDENSER MICROPHONE CONDENSER MICROPHONE HT 400. HANDHELD HELD TRANSMITTER. PT 400. BODYPACK TRANSMITTER. The frequency is being downloaded from the receiverLocal frequency preset Frequency in MHz Battery capacity display Low battery capacity warning FREQUENCY DOWNLOAD FUNCTION FOR QUICK SETUP Transmitter programming at the push of a button. BATTERY CAPACITY DISPLAY Accurate battery capacity countdown indication in hours. SCPM-SINGLECELL POWER MANAGEMENT & INTEGRATED CHARGING CONTACTS A single AA size 1.5 V dry or NiMH rechargeable battery will last for up to eight hours. Plug-in charging mode for rechargeable batteries ensures minimum operating cost and ultimate convenience. RUGGED BODY Light, convenient, compact, sturdy. Never before had it been possible to make a microphone diaphragm whose thickness varied along its diameter. The VARIMOTION technique tunes the diaphragm itself to the desired resonance frequency, eliminating the need for tuning resonators in the microphone body. The result is a better sound than ever before. This two-stage shock mount suppresses handling and cable noise almost completely, so the audience will only hear the sound of your voice. D 880 M C 900 M RUBBER SUSPENSION RING RESONANCE CAVITY RUBBER SUSPENSION RING CAPSULE CASE METAL WEIGHT ACOUSTIC RESISTORMOVING COIL40µm DUST SHIELD 20µm NDFEBR-MAGNET RESONANCE CAVITY TRANSDUCER CASE The Varimotion diaphragm The Doubleflex shock mount SHOCK MOUNT A rubber suspension ring and precisely matching brass weight ensure optimum suppression of handling noise. PB 1000 PRESENCE BOOST ADAPTER The supplied, detachable PB 1000 Presence Boost Adapter provides a high-frequency rise of 3 to 5 dB up to 9 kHz that not only improves intelligibility of speech but also adds sparkle to instrument sounds. PPC 1000 POLAR PATTERN CONVERTER The supplied PPC 1000 Polar Pattern Converter allows you to change the microphone element's pickup pattern from cardioid to hypercardioid. The HT 400 handheld transmitter is available in two versions: Professional vocal microphone elements will make your voice cut through the loudest mix. Choose either the sheer power of the D 880 M or the accurate clarity of the C 900 M. Your voice is the reference. EXTREMELY RUGGED SPRING STEEL WIRE MESH CAP Protects the microphone transducer from damage in tough usage on stage. INFRA-RED SENSOR Setting up the transmitter is incredibly easy as frequency and gain data is downloaded from the receiver via infra-red transmission. CHARGING CONTACTS Convenient plug-in charging on the CU 400 charger is cost efficient and friendly to the environment. INTERCHANGEABLE COLOR CODE LABELS For marking multichannel system transmitters by colors and lettering. DETACHABLE BELT CLIP ON-MUTE/PRG-OFF SWITCH Programming function: To activate the infra-red sensor, switch from OFF to MUTE/PRG. The transmitter will enter silent mode and be ready to receive data via IR. DISPLAY Indicates the selected frequency or preset as well as the remaining battery capacity in hours. SOFT-TOUCH FINISH Soft-touch enamel reduces handling noise. BATTERY COMPARTMENT The transmitter can be powered by a single AA size alkaline or rechargeable battery. RUGGED MINI XLR CONNECTOR Professional 3-pin mini XLR input for connecting MicroMic Series or other head-worn microphones, lavalier microphones, or instrument cables from AKG. INTERFACE FOR EXTERNAL MUTE SWITCH An external mute switch allows the user to mute the signal even if the transmitter is hidden beneath clothes. INPUT GAIN CONTROL Sets the gain of the audio input stage. ON-MUTE/PRG-OFF SWITCH Programming function: To activate the infra-red sensor, switch from OFF to MUTE/PRG. The transmitter will enter silent mode and be ready to receive data via IR. PSU 4000 CENTRAL POWER SUPPLY Powers up to 12 SR 400 receivers plus antennas via three PS 4000 antenna splitters to keep wiring simple. PSU 01/4000 Central power supply for four SR 400 receivers through one PS 4000. For small multichannel systems.SRA 1 PASSIVE WIDEBAND DIRECTIONAL ANTENNA - For indoor or outdoor use, specifically, for setting up long-range radio links (up to 100 m/330 feet) - For use with antenna cables up to 5 m (16 feet) long - Water-resistant case, BNC output SRA 2B ACTIVE WIDEBAND DIRECTIONAL ANTENNA - For indoor or outdoor use, specifically, for setting up radio links for distances up to 300 m (approx. 1000 ft.) - Integrated high-performance antenna booster for use with antenna cables up to 200 m (approx. 655 ft.) long -Remote powering option - Water-resistant case, BNC output - Status LED - Optional laser positioning pointer ZAPD ANTENNA COMBINER/SPLITTER - For complex antenna networks