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akg k 171 studio brochure

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Founded in Vienna, Austria in 1947, AKG has built a legendary reputation in the professional audio industry for products that perform flawlessly. The reputation of AKG and its celebrated quality are built on more than 55 years of experience, incredible design, meticulous craftsmanship and a clear understanding of what truly sounds right. AKG introduced the K 140 in 1974 and the K 240 Monitor in 1975, which became the most widely used headphones in recording studios and broadcast facilities worldwide. Generations of musicians and audio engineers use these AKG products to create great mixes, hit songs and albums cherished by millions around the world. The new AKG Professional Studio headphones carry on the tradition of these audio tools and are a sound investment that will pay handsome returns with years of flawless sonic performance for professional recording engineers and demanding users of high quality home or portable audio equipment. 2-Year Warranty Thanks to the excellent workmanship and high-quality components, AKG headphones come with a 2-year warranty(see our warranty statement for details). AKG Professional Series headphones can stand up to the demands of rough handling, stage use and transportation. Professional Studio Headphones for a host of applications The new XXL transducers use AKGs patented Varimotion (PAT. AT 403.751, US 6,185,809) diaphragm to ensure extremely accurate re- sponse at any listening level. This technology creates a diaphragm that is thinner, more elastic toward the outside edges for more powerful bass response and thicker, less resonant in the center for pure, accurate mids and clear, detailed highs.The large size of the transducers makes the overall sound more life-like and three-dimensional to capture the emotional and sonic content of your soundtracks. XXL transducers with Varimotion diaphragm A gimbal-type suspension makes sure the earcups of both supraaural and circumaural Professional Studio models will conform to the users ears without pressing on them. Thanks to this dynamic adjustment mechanism, you can wear Professional Studio headphones for hours without feeling pinched by them. Gimbal-type suspension For applications that require the performance and600-ohm impedance of the original models, the famous K 141 Monitor and K 240 Monitor are still available with their fixed cables. Classic K 141 Monitor and K 240 Monitor for special requirements STUDIO HEADPHONES

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The new AKG Professional Studio headphones utilize a detachable input cable for easy replacement if ever necessary. The cable and headphones use mini XLR connectors for perfect contact andsecure mechanical connection.The cable is made of 99.99% oxygen-free copper and has gold plated plugs on both ends including the screw-on 1/8˝ to 1/4˝ stereo jack adapter for maximum signal transfer. Detachable cable with mini XLR connector To ensure your listening comfort, AKG Professional Studio headphones utilize a self-adjusting headbandwith a flexible steel structure to deliver optimum fit for your headphoneswithout any fiddling. The structure is flexible, yet strong enough to allow bending for single ear use and is durable enough to withstand rough handling. A gimbal-type suspension ensures the earcups of all AKG Professional Studio models will conform to the shape and size of your ears without pressing on them for hours of fatigue-free, comfortable listening. Patented self-adjusting headbands and gimbal-type ear cup suspensions for extra comfort Rugged construction,a non-twisting headband, and powerful sound allow you to useyour headphones on a single ear only or wear them in any other way you may prefer. AKG Professional Studio headphones are ideal for DJ and live sound use because they are durable enough to with- stand the roughest kind of handling during transport or on stage. Wear them as you like it You need good quality audio for all your listening - including computer, minidisc, portable CD or DAT player - as well as in the studio. Owing to their high sensitivity and wide dynamic range, the AKG Professional Series headphones are efficient enough to be used with these lower level output sourcesand still deliver the high definition sound you need when working in the studio or on stage. The excellent workmanship AKG headphones are known for and high quality components ensure loss-free transmission and reproduction of high-resolution signals from all types of digital audio sources. Perfect for portable use and for all types of audio sources STUDIO HEADPHONES