Akg dms 700 schematic

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akg dms 700 schematic

Extracted text from akg dms 700 schematic (Ocr-read)

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DMS 700
Multichannel System

Schematic & Part List

2-32 Channel

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The following schematics will help you to easily set up multi channel systems.

Please use the equipment that is specified in the schematics only.

For your convenience and understanding, weve added technical information and part lists.
You can use this part lists when ordering the system you require! If you need any help
regarding the frequency regulations or if your particular situation doesnt allow for a standard
system to be installed, please do not hesitate to contact us under support@akg.com.

All the DMS700 Systems in this document are designed with active antennas that can used
in all venues with a 20m RG58 antenna cable.

SRA2 BNV active directional antenna
For Venues (tour sound &installs) that cover large distances (up to 100m, 330 ft) like

music halls, stadiums and other open air applications.

RA4000 BIW active omni-directional antenna
For Venues without a designated transmitter area and up to 100m/330 ft free line of
sight. Ideal for conference rooms, multi purpose halls, houses of worship etc.

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