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akg c 562 cm owners manual

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C 562 CM

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The C 562 CM works on the boundary microphone
principle and should be installed in a sound reflecting
surface such that the diaphragm will be flush with the
surface (Fig. 1) and face the sound source

The C 562 CM can be installed in a desk top, table
top, wall, or ceiling. This prevents comb filter effects
or other interferences that may arise when a micro
phone is placed close to a reflecting surface.

The sensitivity and frequency response of the micro-
phone depend on the size of the surface in which it

is installed. The larger the surface, the smoother the
resulting frequency response and the more extended
the microphones bass response.

The polar pattern of this microphone is approximately
hemispherical. When installed in a reflective surface,
the C 562 CMs sensitivity is 6 dB-higher than that of
a conventional omnidirectional microphone. Using an
omnidirectional pressure transducer, the C 562 CM is
much less susceptible to vibrational and wind ncise
than a cardioid.

The C 562 CM comprises the flush mount microphone
with a 0.5m (20-h) fixed cable terminated in a 1/8"
mono jack plug and a separate phantom power
adapter also with a 0.5-m (20th.) fixed cable and 1/8"
mono jack socket. The phantom power adapter has a
low-impedance, electronically balanced output and
can be connected to both balanced and unbalanced

Knurled nut

C 562 CM



Fig. 1



The panel in which the microphone is to be installed
should be no thicker than 19 mm (6/8). Drill a hole
12.5 mm (1/2) in diameter. Thread the cable through
the hole from the front, then push the microphone all

the way in and hold. Slip the knurled nut over the
jack and cable, and screw it down on the
microphone shaft until the microphone is firmly held
in place (Fig. 2).

Knurled nut


Fig. 2