Akai TX 3310 Schematic

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Akai TX 3310 Schematic

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page 3 Tape recorder section Measurement Standard Adjusting] conditions Values positions Confirmation Test tape 1 Playback the test tape TCC-182A (8KHz) Maximum Adjust the head of head angle :TA-182A(8KHz) 2 With the recording & playback mechanism, output azimuth screw Measurement output adjust the head azimuth screw so that the only when the terminal left and right output levers become head has been :Speaker terminal maximum, After adjustment, lock the head changed Sperker R azimuth at least by half turn. (Load resistance:4£[) :Headphone terminal Confirmation Test tape Adjust VR301 so that the frequrncy counter Tape speed VR301 of tape speed :TCC-112(3000Hz) reading becomes 3,010Hz +/-15Hz when of deck playing back the test tape TCC-112 (3000Hz) with :3,010Hz Measurement output playback and recording mechanism after +/-15Hz terninal ending forward winding if the taoe. :Headphone terminal Reference Values for Confirmation Items Measurement Standard Adjusting] conditions Values positions Wow & flutter Test tape When the test tape TCC-112 (3000Hz) has been 0.25% or :TCC-112(3000Hz) played back with the recording and playback less mecganism at the beginning of forward (WRMS) Measurement outut winding, the frequency counter reading of terminal wow & flutter should be 0.25% or less :Headphone terminal (WRMS). Electrical Performance Measurement Standard Adjusting] conditions Values positions Adjustment of £»Mode:Forward or 1 With the recording and playback recording bias reverse mode mechanism, load thd test tapes current£» Recording mode TDK-60 , and set the mechanism to the recording 4.5£gA (Reference£» Test tape and pausing condition in advance . +/-0.5£gA Value) TDK-60 Measurement output 2 After connecting 100£[in series to the termial recorder head, measure the bias current :Both recording and with a valve voltmeter at both of the headphone terminals terminals ITEMS Measrrnment methedMeasrrnment methed Items ITEMS Measrrnment methed