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Akai HX R5 Owners Manual

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Power requirements lot electrical equipment diller irom area to area.

Please ensure that your machine meets the power requirements in your area.
It in doubt, consult a ouaiilied electrician,

I 20V. 60 Hz lor USA and Canada

220V, 50 Hz lot Europe except UK

240150 Hz tor UK and Australia

I 10Vll QOVIZQOVIZSOV. 50/60 Hz switchable tor other countries.

Voltage conversion

Models lor Canada. USA Europe. UK and Australia are not
eauipped with this tacnity Each macnrne Ls preset at the lactory
according to destination but some machines can be set to
I lcv, 120V, 220V or 240V as required, It your machine-˜s voltage
can be converted:

l. Disconnect the power cord. -˜
2 Turn the VOLTAGE SELECYOR located on the rear panel

with a scrawdnver until the correct voltage is indicated.


rusri o! («some snocx I
co NO! one»; I






The lightning llash with arrowhead symbol superimposed across a
. graphical representation at a person, wrlhin an equilateral triangle,
is Intended to alert the use! at the presence at unlnsulated
' -œdangerous voltage-œ within the product-˜s enclosure: that may he
ot sutlictent magnitude to constitute a risk ol electric shock to per
The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to
alert the use! at the presence at imponant operating and malnte»
. nance lservioing) instructions in the literature accompanying the

L Use only house hold AC power sources.
Never use DC power sources.

2. Always set the ampliïŹers volume control to minimum when turning on or all the

3 touching the plug with wet hands risks dangernus electric shocks. Always Dull
out by the plug and never the cord.

4, Make sure the power consumption oi each audio component does not exceed

wattage speciïŹed on the rear panel.
only connect other audio components.

. Only let a quatltied prolasaionel repair or reassemble the equipment An unautho-

"zed person might touch the internal parts and receive a serious electric shock.

. Never allow a child to put anything. especially metal into this equipment. A serious

shock or mallunction may occur.

It water is spilled on this equipment. disconnect and call your dealer

Make sure the equipment is well ventilated and away from direct sunlight,

Keep away lrorn he at (stoves, etc ) to avord damage to the external suriace and in.

ternal circuits.

Avoid spray-type insecticides which wrll damage the equipment and may ignite

sud dent y.

i l. to avoid damaging the lrnlsh never use alcohol. paint thinner or others similar

c homicals.
i2. Always place the equipment an a ïŹ‚at and solid aurlace
i3 Please read this manual in its entirety and keep rt handy for lurther relerence.



This equipment confirms to No. 76/889/EEC standard.


Dow is the term used to! the lorrnation at moisture on the very important transport
Section such as the head and the capstan when the deck rs used in places where
humidrty is high. subjected to sudden changes in temperature or moved "cm a cold
place to a warm one. it the deck is used when dew is present, the tape will stick to the
head aria be ruined or it writ not be transported properly. in such cases. do not use the
deck lor approximately one hour until the deck is acclimatized.


It the deck tuner and ampliïŹer are placed on top oi each other. humming noise may
result during playback. Also beat noise may result during recording 0' AM broadcaslsr
In such cases. change the positron ol the deck Akar recommends that a space the
Stle or an ampilller be placed between the deck and the tuner or the ampliïŹer,


La puisanocd-˜alimenration tics appareils elecrn-˜ques varicselon les pays
PriĂ©rc dc s'murerque l-˜appsreil est conformc aux specifications dc counnt du pays.
En usdc douxe. consulta- un electrician qualitié.
120V. 60 Hz pow res Ems-Unis-œ in Canada.
220V. 50 H1 pour I-˜Europc El I'exccpu'on du RoyaumeUui.
240V. SO H2 pour lc Royaurne-Uni et I-˜Auslnlie.
l lOV/tiOV/QZOV/sz. 50/60 Hz computable St." is méme appareil pour Isaulrcspays.
Conversion de la tens] on
Les models: pour la Cariada-˜ let Eth-U nis, I-˜Europct lc Roylumo.
Uni ct I-˜Australie ne sent pas equips do do diqaositil-˜. Chaquc appa-
rcil csi prereglé en uslne scion Sa destination. mais pertains apwcrls
peuvcnt are réglés cm 110% 120V. 220V ou 240V 9 némairc. Si
la tension dc l-˜apparcil pcut Eire chansĂ©e:
It Decor-theater l: cordon secreurt

Screwdriver 2. Tourncr le sélecteur dc tension (VOLTAGE SELECTOR) shoe
.Toumevis sur lc panneau arriĂ©rc aver un tourncvisjusqu-˜a cc quc la Lemon
oorrccte soil indjquée.


l. N-˜uriliscr que dis sources decourant domcsiiquccn.
chamais utilise! de sources d-˜aiirncntalion CC,

2. Toujours rĂ©ruer in minimum is oommandedc volume dc l'srnplit-˜rutcur tors ill: la mise
sou: tensionet hors circuitdc Ia platine,

J. Le fail dc mother I; prise ave: do; mains humides pout provoquer dos décharscs élco
trioucs dangerouscs.

Ne pasdĂ©brancher en urant sur I: lit. maisen sonant la pn-™se die-meme.

4. S-˜muer out I: consummation de courant de chaquc compo-mu audio rtr. dĂ©pasc was
le wattage speciïŹc suit I: parureau .trrr'ere.

Ne connector que les autrcs com posants audio.

S. No fair-c rcparcr ou rcasembler l-˜Ă©cuipcmc nl qua par un specialism. Una personne non
qualiïŹĂ©c pcut rancher les pieces inrerncs et rccevoir une dĂ©charge Electriou:

6, Nciamais Iaiser un cnfnnr mzrtrc quclquc chose. an particulier du metal. darts rzt appa-
reil. Unc dĂ©cha rge dangercuse ou un mauvnis l-™onctionriernem peuten Ie'sullĂ©r.

7. Au cns oil dc l-˜eau est renversĂ©c darts Act npparcil. le debuncher ct lair: sppcl i volrc

B. S-˜asurcr qua l-˜rppareil cut bien aĂ©rĂ© et hots d-˜atteintc do: rayon: dircclsdu solml.

9. Garner l-˜appareil i I-˜Ă©carl dc sources dc chaleur ll' ours. etc.) pour cvuerd-˜endommaser
Il surface cxre'rieure ou lcs circuiu inrcmcs,

IO Evitcr Ice inmancides 4: type aerosol qui peu vent endommager I-˜a ppueil er s-˜cnïŹ‚arn-
mar soudaincrnent.

ll. Nejameis utiliser d-˜alcool, d: diluanr ou d-˜autrcs matiĂ©tes chimioucs qui peuvent cn-
dommagcr la fruition.

12. Ne placer cet appareil quc sur une surface plan: cl solids.

)3, Priere tie tire to manuet au ccmplct el de l: conserve: Ta portoe do Is main pour rél'b
routes ultencurcs


(Extmit dc la Loi du llMars I957)

A RT IC-˜LE 40

-œToure representation on reproduction integrate on parziellc l-™sil sans le Consenterncnt dc

I-˜nuteui on rte ses Iyants-drail cu wank-cause cst rllidte (...) .-˜ -˜

A R11 CLE 41

-œLotsquc I'zuvre a Ă©lĂ© divulguĂ©c. t-˜nuteur ne peut interdi're:

1. Les rcprcsenutions privées el mtuitcs cflectuées exclusivemem dam un ocrcle oe

2. Les copies cu reproduction: striaternenl réscrvées A l'usase privé du copiste at can as-
linées a one utilisation collective Ital."


Si in platinc. Ie tuner cl I-˜ampliiicareur 90m places let this audasu: d: norm. in: limit d:
rcnïŹ‚cment peur en rĂ©sulrer pendant la reproduction. Uri bruit dc bailemcnt peul Ă©galemeu
Elle present pendant uh chcgislrcmcnl d-˜crnissions MA. Darts do lels as modiïŹa I: pay!
lion dc l; plating. AkaI rdcommantle dc tamer un espacc oe Ia uillc d-˜un ampliïŹatcur entre
la platine ct Ic luncr cu l'amplil'rcateur.

Cet apparel] est oontorme aux names N 0. 76/889 de la CEE.


Condensation est to, tame utilisĂ© pour la lonnation d-˜humidilĂ© sur les sections on impor-
lantcs éevtransporl dc In bands. comma la téte er I: cabcmn lorsquc Ia purine est ulilisée
darts dcs end roits oi: I-˜humiditĂ©en ctcvĂ©e. soumis t dcs changemcnls bnlsoucsde tempera-
ture ou lorsqu-˜elle est dĂ©plaoĂ©e d-˜un cndroit froirl i un endmn chaud. Si Ia plutinc en mi use:
torsquc de la condensation est present; to bandc adhere- a la the ct sen endornmĂ©e. ou
la bands sen incorrectcmcnt transportĂ©c. Dans dc icis as ne pas Utiliszr Ia plaïŹne panda m
approximativcmcnt one heure..lus ambiante.

Page 15

E] In play luck lrnrl the beginning ol llre
next solution

o For forward playback

Depress the (»)button-˜

0 For reverse playback

Depress the (« ) button.

Nata: on IPLS

I IPLS operates when musuc signal IS below a specilic level lot a requrred
length 0! time. Therelore. in music such as classics and live recording,
where some parts may contain low slgnals lot the required length ol time
(more than 4 seconds). IPLS mtghl nol funcllon properly-˜

U With some live recordlngs, there may be applause between the selec»

Pout- une reproduction A part1: du 1
débtlt de la sélectlon sulvante

ela nlt 5 paces
'- 'FsmusvlzmïŹ‚ _|
l l ' I
< Playback < Playback nRem-odudion
(» )


Bunk space 5

.apm vluau
!_ 7
Playback Rzploducltun Playmct >

0 Pour une reproduction en avance

Appuyez star la touche (» J.

0 Pour une reproduction en retour

A ppuyez sur la touche (41).

Remuques sun l-™IPLS

O L-˜JPLS fonctionne lorsqu-˜un signal musiml est au-dessous d-™un niveau
spĂ©cil-˜lque pendant une durĂ©e reuulse. Dans uerlains moroeaux de muxique
lels que mnsique clmique er concerts sur scene, dams lesquels oertains pas-
sages pcuvent' contenir des :ytaux falbles pendant la duree reqube (plus
de 4 semndcs). l-˜lPLS peuve ne pas fonctionner correctement,

Irons, Such sections will nm be detected as blank spaces between 0 Dans certain: emegislremems de concert sur scene, it pent y avoi: d5 ap-
plaud'tssements entre les selections. Ces sections ne scram pas détectées
comme espam vierges entre les sélocl ions.

selecttc ns.