Akai GXR 82 D Owners Manual

This is the 8 pages manual for Akai GXR 82 D Owners Manual.
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Akai GXR 82 D Owners Manual

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CONNECTI(NS FOR PLAYBACK Make this connec ml#H,i:J"'Jlil I I RCA/RCA connectionl cord A STEREO AMPLIFIER The Din Jack can be used instead of the Line Jacks. This enables re- cording or playback with a single Din/Din connection cord. Model GXR-82 only t I \ t t

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FOR RECORDING Turntable with magnetic cartridge. tl Stereo tape deck ot recorder. Connect one of the desired sources with an RCA/RCA connection cord Record player with crystal or ceramic pick-up. back with a single Din/Din I STEREO AMPLIFIER 6 lEl*lEoo . FlooF-lou E @ Stereo tuner