Akai GX 747 DBX Owners Manual

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Akai GX 747 DBX Owners Manual

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Power requirements

Power requirements for electrical equipments ditter from area to area.
Please ensure that your machine meets the power requirements In

your area.
it in doubt, consult u qualified electrician.
llOV/lZOV/ZZOV/240V, 50/60 Hz internally swuchable
Voltage selection

Do not attempt this conversion yourself.

Each machine is preset at the factory according to destination, but

if you want to change the voltage refer the following voltage conver-

sion to a qualified service repair shop or professional service person-


1. Disconnect the Power Cord.

2 Loosen the holding screws and feet with a screwdriver and remove
the back panel

3 Remove the Voltugc Selector plug and teinsert so that the proper
lttca voltage shows through the plug output.

4 Set the Cycle selector located On the right side of the Sys. Con.
P.C. Board according to the power source frequency for your area.

Top I

Voltage Selector Cycle Selector



This equipment confirms to No. 76/889/EEC Standard.







The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol superim»
posed across a graphical representation of a person.
within an equilateral tridngle. is intended to lilert the

shock to persons.

intended to alert the user or the presence or Imporlanl
operating and maintenance tservtcing) instructions in
the literature accompanying the appliance,


1. Use only household AC power sources.
Never use DC power sources

2, Touching the plug with wet hands risks dangerous elec~
tric shocks.

Always pull out by the plug and never the cord.

3. Make sure the power consumption of each audio compo-
nent does not exceed wattage specified on the rear

4- Only let a qualified professional repair or reassemble the
equipment. An unauthorized person might touch the in-
ternal parts and receive a serious electric shock.

user or the presence or uninsulated ”dangerous volt-
age" Within the product's enclosure; that may be of
sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric

The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is


. Never allow a child to put anything, especially metal

into this equipment, A serious shock or malfunction
may occur.
If water is spilled on this equipment, disconnect and call
your dealer.

, Make sure the equipment is well ventilated and away

from direct sunlight.

. Keep away from heat (stoves. etc.) to avoid damage to

the external surface and internal circuits.
Avotd spray-type insecticides which will damage the
equipment and may ignite suddenly.

. To avoid damaging the finish never use alcohol, paint

thinner or other similar chemicals.
Always place the equipment on a flat and solid surface.

t As the deck is quite heavy please be careful when handl-

ing the deck.

. Please read this manual in its entirety and keep it handy

for further reference




Reid lnsuueiioni » All the stately ind operating lnsirutlitins

should he read hetore the equimeM I\ operated,

Retain Insuucltons , The salary and operating inilrutiions

should he retuined lor i'uiure reterence

Heed Warnings 7 All Warnings on the equipnreni and in the

operating rniiruetrom should he adhered to.

Follow instructions _ All lnsltuulltmt tor onernimg and use

should he lollowed

Water and Moisture , the equiprneni \liiiuld nttl he u\t:d iieur

wuier . tor eiurnple. neir u hailiiuh. wrdrhowl. tilclicn tint.

luundry ml). in r wet I)J\L'lllCrlI, or non rr \wnnnnng ptml. eit.

Carts and stands » The equipment should lie uiod only ivilli u

tort or stuntl ihit l~ retoniinended hi Akui

Wall or Ceiling Mounting _ AK.“ does not recommend lllttulllv

ing the equipnieni on i Wdll or a ceiling

Ventrintion 7 Thc cquttiiitctil \litiuld he iiiuuied m rhn iii lot..-

tion or pnuuon duet not interiors willl tl\ proper ventiliiion.

lor esimple the equipment tlituild not he “ruin-rt on n liotl‘

\tliu, rug. hr, min surtaee thul rnuy hlot-t lllevt‘nllldlmii nnt ~

mgx. or. pldccd in r hulllvm instillation. \ucll us a hootnse or

Cutltlrtcl tiiui nidy impede the flaw o: .tl! throuph llll‘VUnillillltiii


Heal , the equipment should he ritudlt‘d inuy iroiir lit-ii

uiiiruer «itch at rudiniiirt. licilt rcpitlcn. stoves. or ttlllm t'tlulp'

IuL‘tlh tintluding anllllcn) iliit produce hen

Power Sources r The eoirnirngni \litttlltl hf Lttnncclud in i nun.

er \tiprily only ol the type dumriliud in lllL’ opgrinng ltlslrtlt’»

hunt or at itidikcd on the equipment

Grounding or Polarization — rhi- pick‘ilulllmh should lie Like" to

run the grounding or potnrizulion iiieiris oi .in erriiiiiinent it

not detailed

Ptiwelrcold Protection , Pttwursxuiiplt ttirll\ \lilltlld lip routed

to ilr.ri they ure ntll litt-lv in ht» united on or pmt‘llt‘d hv lIk'llh

pinted upon . guinti ilit-in. paying [urltL’ulilt .ttlLlllttm incords

or plug» L’tlIlVLnIL‘mI YL'kcleCICK, and the point uhere lliti c\|l

lioht the equipment

Cleaning » the counnngnr «liltlild ht- eteunott mil) is room»

iiu-iidell I!) the uianulit-rurer

Power Lines . An outdoor .mlunnd \lttiuld he lriciigtl may twin

power ltnt:\.

tiuidooi Antenna Grounding , It dn (minds .mlc'miit is t’tmnt‘t‘h

ed to the rot-giver he sure the uiiionni \)‘\lclll irgroiindedso i]\

in provide tonn- pitilct’tltln iguinit \‘oltdg «urge-t ind huili uii

stunt» Lllilrpm Section iliti ol the thlottul lieu-intrude. ANSl/

Nl PA No. 7ll l‘IBl. provides Inloimdlttin wuh roiriuei to pro-

ner grounding ol' the mini and iiipporiing \lmcture. grounding

ol the lend-in wue to on nniunnu drseiiinie unit. sizt't'il griund-

ing ctrnducttin. lot-anon ot dillcnndvdlhulidrflu unit. ctinnt‘tlltm

to grounding electrode». and rcquircmcnh tor llie grounding

cleulvtrde Sou figure 1 on page 4.

Nonuse Periods , The power cord oi the equipment ~lilitld he

unplugged hour the outlet when leti Limited tor u long period

OIL lllile

Object and Liquid Entry — Cure \huuld he liken so rhui (il’tJl'CI)

do not l.tIl and liquids ire not \pillcd inio lhc cnclttxuru through


Damage Requiring Service — The equipment should he terviced

hy quiliried wrvicc personnel when

A The powclrmpply cord or the plug his open ddmdged.ul’

E (ioiecii have rilien, or liquid hai been spilled inio iht equip-

c The equipment but been exposed to ruin; or

D The equipment dries not appear to operate normally or Mr
hihitiu marked ehunge in pertormancc;or

E. The equipment has been dropped. or the enclosure dimeped.

Servicing » The use! should not attempt to service the sump-

meni peyond that described in iho operaiinp insirueiions All

other servicing should be reierred io qualified service personnel

place as in

rse record-

! :0 travel
)E tension.
is the For»