Akai GX 52 Service Manual

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Akai GX 52 Service Manual

Extracted text from Akai GX 52 Service Manual (Ocr-read)

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AKA] senuma mnnunl

mummy, m, m s:







N 4 track 2 channel stereo
-- Twm field supper GX head for
Recording and Playback x l
Erase head x I
Mmtms --------------------------- Dirccl drive 50 servo motor (or
Capstan drive x 1
DC motor (or recl drive x l
DC motor for cam drive and
Tape eiect/loding x 1
(1.027% WRMS (JIS)V 0.045% (DIN)
59dB (Measured via tape with 3%
TI) recording level)
Dolby [5 type NR swich 0N:
Improves up to SdB sit lKHI, lOtlB
above SKIIz
Doihy C type NR swich ON:
Improves up to ISM} at SOOHZ,
lOrlB at (Hz to IOKHZ

Track system '

Heads ----

\Vnw & flutter --
S/N (Metal)

11H. ............................... Less than 0.3%

Frequency response

ZSHZ lo I7,000Hz inB
25Hz to 1.000: iSdB

Melal """ 25! I2 tn ZIIJKXIHZ i3dB
Input sensitivity/Impedance
LINE IN 7(lmV/47kohms
Output sensitivity/Impedance
Phones ----- 1,3mW (thms)
Power requirements ------------- IZOV 6(le for Canada
220V, 50Hz {or Europe except UK
240V. 50H: for UK
lIfl/lZO/ZZU/HW. SOIlL/flle
convertible for other countries
Dimension '425(W) x IIZ(H) x 352(D)mm
(16.7 x 44 x 13.9 inches)
Weight ............................... 6.5Kg ('31.)

For improvement purpose, spcifications and desigh are subject to change without notice,
'Noisc reduction manufactured under license [rom Dolby Laboralrics Licensing Corporation.
" Dolby" and double-D symhol are trade marks of Dolhy Lnboratries Licensing Corporation.