Akai GX 370 D Owners Manual

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Akai GX 370 D Owners Manual

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2 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 8 8 8 8 8 9 10 11 11 11 12 12 12 13 14 14 INDEX Controls. Voltage & Cycle Conversion. Tape Speed Selection. Direct Function Change System. Fast Forward & Rewind AutomaticStop&Shut-Off Pause Control. Remote Control. Connections Operating Precautions TapeSelectorSwitch Recording Level Setting. Compute-O-Matic (automatic recording level control) How To Use The Din Jack Head Cleaning. Pinch Wheel & Capstan Cleaning. Head Demagnetizing Sound Monitoring. Tape Erasing Tape Loading. : . 4-Track Stereo Recording/Playback System. 4-Track Monaural Recording/Playback System. Automatic & Manual Reverse Recording/Playback. . Playback of Pre-Recorded Tape. Recording Using Microphones. Recording From An External Amplifier. Recording From A Turntable. Tape Dubbing. Sound-On-Sound Recording. Sound Mixing. Sound-With-Sound Recording. TapeSplicing&Editing Technical Data. , Standard Accessories Optional Accessories ",.,..""".",.,.,.", w

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CONTROLS 14. VU METER (left) Indicates left channel recording and playback levels. 15. HEADPHONE JACK For monitoring or private headphone listening. Use stereo headphones of 8 .n impedance. 16. TRACK SELECTOR SWITCH LEFT: tracks 1-4; RIGHT: tracks 3-2; Depress both switches for stereo performance. 17. RECORDING SAFETY BUTTON For effecting recording mode, while holding this button at depressed position, depress FWD (normal recording) or REV (reverse recording) Button. 18. CAPSTANTransports tape. 19. REEL TABLE (right) 20. BUILT-IN REEL RETAINER Locks reel firmly into place. 21. REWIND KEY Depress to rewind tape at high speed. 22. PINCH WHEEL Presses against capstan to transport tape. 23. SENSING POLES (nonnal to reverse) 24. SHUT-OFF LEVER & SENSING POLE (reverse to nonnaI) 25. REVERSE KEY Depress to change direction of tape travel from normal to reverse. I. INDEX COUNTER & RESET BUTTON 2. RECORDING INDICATOR LAMP 3. REEL TABLE (left) 4. BUILT-IN REEL RETAINER Locks reel firmly into place. 5. HEAD COVER Houses GX Heads (reverse record/erase, normal/reverse play- back, and normal record/erase). 6. TENSION ARM 7. IMPEDANCE ROLLER Improves wow and flutter characteristics. 8. PAUSE BUTTON & INDICATOR LAMP Convenient for use in temporarily suspending tape travel during recording or playback operation. 9. POWER SWITCH & POWER INDICATOR LAMP 10. COMPUTE-O-MATIC SET BUTTON & RECORDING LEVEL INDICATORFor details. please refer to Compute-O-Matic procedure, page 6. II. TAPE SPEED SELECI'OR SWITCHES Depress corresponding switch for desired speed. 7-1/2 and 3-3/4 ips. 12. TAPE SELECI'OR SWITCH Depress only when using Akai S.R. T. (super range tape) or other make low noise tal:>es.. 13. LINE OUTPUT LEVEL CONTROLS (left & right) Adjusts line output volume and headphone volume at playback time. ~

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HEAD CLEANING The GX Heads do not normaliy require cleaning. However, if old tapes or tapes which have been spliced are used, head cleaning is recommended. Clean by rubbing the entire head surface (do not scratch) with a cotton swab stick which has been dipped in Akai cleaning fluid from Akai Head Cleaning Kit HC-500. PINCH WHEEL & CAPSTAN CLEANING If foreign matter is allowed to accumulate on the Pinch Wheel and Capstan, these particles will come off on the tape causing deterioration of sound quality. Oil adhering to the capstan also causes irregularity in tape transport. It is, therefore, recommended that these parts be wiped clean occasionally. For pinch wheel and capstan cleaning, use Akai Cleaning Kit HC-500, or if this is not available, use alcohol.* Do not use chemicals such as chlorothane, etc., as the rubber wheel will deteriorate. HEAD DEMAGNETIZING Normally, the steel pole pieces which form part of the recording and playback heads become slightly magnetized. The effect of magnetization is that it causes considerable drop-out or introduces noise into your recordings. It is, therefore, recommended that head demagnetizing be per- formed periodically. This can be accomplished with a bulk head demagnetizer by bringing it close to the heads and making several circular motions over all head surface areas as well as the head housing. .Be sure to cut off the power of the unit prior to demagnetizing the heads. .Do not use magnetized tools in the vicinity of the heads. SOUND MONITORING This model is provided with a Headphone Jack and Monitor Selector Switches so that sound source or recorded signals can be monitored. For monitoring P!ogram source during recording, depress SOURCE Switch. If the TAPE Switch is depressed, the recorded signals will be monitored as the tape passes the Playback Head. For private headphone listening, connect an 8 .11 impedance stereo headphone and depress TAPE Switch. lIJ

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TECHNICAL DATA Track System. Reel Capacity. Tape Speed. .. Wow & Flutter ..4-track 2-channel stereo/monaural ..Up to 7" reel ..7-1/2 and 3-3/4 ips (:to.5%) ..Less than 0.07% RMS at 7-1/2 ips Less than 0.10% RMS at 3-3/4 ips ..Correct equalization for playback of tapes recorded to NAB curve. ..(Using Akai SRT Tape) : 20 Hz to 26,000 Hz (:t3 dB) at 7-1/2 ips, 30 Hz to 22,000 Hz (:t3 dB) at 3-3/4 ips. (Using Regular Tape) : 20 Hz to 24,000 Hz (:t3 dB) at 7-1/2 ips, 30 Hz to 19,000 Hz (:t3 dB) at 3-3/4 ips ..0.8% (1,000 Hz "0" VU) using Akai SRT Tape Equalization Frequency Response Distortion Signal- To-Noise Ratio. Erase Ratio. .. Bias Frequency Heads. 58 dB using Akai ~Kr rape Better than 70 dB 100 kHz (3): Two GX combination recording & erase heads, one GX playback head (3): 2-speed servo-control outer- J"otor motor for direct capstan drive, and two 6-pole eddy- current outer rotor motors for supply and take-up reel drive. Motors .tor improvement purposes, specitlcations and design are subject to change without notice. ~

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