Akai GX 365 D Service Manual

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Akai GX 365 D Service Manual

Extracted text from Akai GX 365 D Service Manual (Ocr-read)

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Adjustment of Playback Head Reverse Timing

The Playback Head reproduces on Tracks l-3 for
“Normal Play” and on Tracks 24 for “Reverse
Play” when using Stereo Tape.

The Playback Head lowers to Track 2-4 position,
when switched from Normal to Reverse Play. If the
Playback Head lowers with the tape contacting the
Head, a loud noise will be heard from the speaker.
The Tape Shifter releases the tape from contact
with the Playback Head before the Head lowers.

In such a case adjust 650 Q Resistor (B), as shown j
in Figure 5, so that 38 Volts is applied between the
terminals (white and gray wire) (Reverse Head
Solenoid Cofl).

Adjustment of Magnetic Brake

1) Adjust 400 Q Resistor (E) (in Figure 5) so that
the terminals on each end of the Resistor are
equidistant. ‘

2) Center the Slider of the 1 K52 Resistor (D), as
shown in Figure 5. (DC. Brake)

3) Set the Magnetic Brake Control Switch to 1-1/2
mil. Depress the STOP Button near the outer
end of a 7 "reel of tape at FAST FORWARD to
determine whether the tape turns in the rewind

4) If the tape turns in the rewind direction,
increase D.C. Brake voltage by adjusting the
Slider (1) of the ] KS1 Resistor (D) to decrease
resistance, or adjust slider (1) toward terminal
(3) of the 4009 Resistor (E), as shown in
Fiyrre 5. Also verify that Brake Band tension is
accurately adjusted to 150 grams.

5) Set the Magnetic Brake Control Switch to 1 mi]
or l/2 mi] and check the following: FAST
the tape loses its tension and becomes slack at
STOP, move the Slider (2) of 400 Q Resistor
(E) toward Slider (1), as shown in Figure 5.
After the foregoing adjustments, verify (with
the Magnetic Brake operating) that torque
motor tension is as follows 1
1-1/2 mil : approx. 300 to 330 grams.
1 mil or 1/2 mil : approx. 250 grams.

Adjustment of Back Tension for FAST FORWARD


1) Adjust the slider of the 1.7 K9 Resistor (C),
shown in Figure 5, so that overall resistance is
1.3 KG. If Resistor (C) itself is 1.3 KS1, no
adjustment is required.

Adjustment of Reel Table Height

To adjust Reel height, loosen the two screws on the
bottom of the Reel Table and adjust so that height
from the Chassis to the upper edge of the Reel
Table is 53.5 mm.