Akai GX 270 DSS Service Manual

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Akai GX 270 DSS Service Manual

Extracted text from Akai GX 270 DSS Service Manual (Ocr-read)

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SECTION 1 SERVICE MANUAL ......................... 1
SECTION 2 PARTS LIST .............................. 29
SECTION 3 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM ...................... 52

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Parts No. Designation Note
BA210227 EQ. P.C Board Comp. MY-5325

BA210216 Quadra P.C Board Comp. MY-5329

BA660688 Servo P.C Board Comp. TE-2301

BA210284 PB PC Board Comp. MY-S323

BA210238 Dummy P.C Board Comp. MY~5321

BA210082 Power Supply P.C Board Comp. MY-2222

BA210183 Monitor SW. P.C Board Comp. MY-5327

BA210328 REC, OSC P.C Board Comp. MY-5322

BA695125 Sys. Con P.C Board Comp. MY-2221

BC682222 Case Block Comp.

BC682233 Case Block Comp. CSA

B16571 12 Impedance Roller Block Comp.

BJ210330 Jack Plate Block Comp.

B1210341 Jack Plate Block Comp. CSA

BM600298 Main Motor Block Comp. Same as GX-286
BM314741 Reel Motor Block Comp. Same as GX-210D
BR398430 Supply Reel Table Block Comp. Same as GX-280D
BR398441 Take-up Reel Table Block Comp. Same as GX-280D
B8622631 Quick SW. Block Comp.

BT621922 Power Trans. MYT»1 U/T

BT621988 Power Trans. MYT-ll CSA

BT621990 Power Trans. MYT-12 CEE

BZ622618 Tension Arm Block Comp.

32624813 Pause SW. Block Comp.

EL621167 Lamp (Reed type) 5.5V 60MA

EM55818O VU Meter KL-243S-21

E5207720 Push SW. 4FT-0001EF5020


ES499972 Push SW. JS-O9

ES479395 Push SW. TV-3 JHS

ES207685 Lever SW. SLA34215

EV207753 VOL. D160R512A 50 kx2

HE563220 Erase Head E4-260 Same as GX-400DSS, GX-286
HPS 13281 Playback Head P4-280 Same as GX-4OODSS
HR565672 Recording Head R4-285 Same as GX-400DSS
MB625566 Counter Belt

MC621887 Counter MP-490.21

MP625048 LC Pinch Roller H

513643 500 Button A

513643577 Bmton B

313640732 Button C

SB640743 Button D