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Akai GX 260 D Brochure

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The GX-ZGOD is the result ofan extensive study to produce the best allvround tape deck possible within a reasonable
price range. A complete success, the GX-260D features Akai's world prized GX Heads for reverse recording and play-
back, and a unique center capstan drive system for friction-free tape travel and reduced wow and flutter. Put
the GX-ZGOD to any test you like. You'll find that it is completely unapproachable by any other make or model.

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wand a 3-motor center capstan drive system add up to ideal recording I

This new tape deck features four of Akai s mcom RECORDWG & PLAYBACK SYSTEM

parable Gx (glass & Sing'e crYStal ferrite) heads The GX-ZGOD features reverse recording and

playback for the complete elimination of in

With the function of Six. A combination GX record verting reels by hand. Record or playback
. th f d t ck tthe agnetc ta d
mg erase, and a playback head each for both for- th§n°rrrv2rrse rtahesrzachinemto cémmfiaie.

' cording or playing back the remaining two

ward and reverse recording and playback adds up tracks.
_ _ _ Through the simple application of sensing foil
to a new era of h'gh fldehty sound_ to the magnetic tape and adjustment of the
Automatic Reverse Mode Selector Switch, con
tinuous reverse between two points or a single
reversing cycle can be accomplished. After
sensing tape has been applied to the magnetic
tape, simply set this switch to CONT REV
(continuous reverse), REV (one reverse cycle),
or NON REV (forward only), This system
does away with the trouble of removing the
sensing loil depending upon desired operation.


This model employs Akai's unique and extra-
vagant self-lubricating type capstan drive motor
used only in highest quality machines. Two
cellulose fiber oil retainers also serve as filters,
providing uninterrupted oil circulation and

The core of these GX heads is comprised of a single crystallized element single crystal

ferrite" which under exhaustive and gruelling tests proved far superior to poly-ferrite awning "mom shag "mam"; i.e., unlike
in that there are no composite particles to eventually separate and cause head gap other selHubricating svsterrIS. the relative flow
~ . ' ~ - - - of oil depends upon motor revolutions and
damage. When Akai engineers discovered the unique quality of this material, they emperaum Fluctuation of momr revolmiuns
then, through a specual process, reduced the notse peculiar to ferrite to an inaudible caused by (mm is also eliminated for (mm,
level, and the perfect head core was born! strengthening the long-lasting characteristics
This core, with jewel-like precision, is mounted and set in pure glass of the same hardness °f me °mmndm9 Gx, h'd'
. . ' Further, two outstanding eddy-current outer-s
characteristics 50 that dust does not adhere to the head surface and wear~free new row, ,eel drive mom 3,9 employed to elimi-
head performance is maintained. nate tape stretch, assuring smooth tape travel

with optimum tape tension and ideal starting

Normally, such a feat would be sufficient reason to boast complete satisfaction, but orque

Akai engineers are hard to please. They still wanted to produce a head which would
provide a wider than ordinary dynamic range and better high range frequency charac-
teristics, and, due to the superior characteristics of the head materials, they were able
to obtain an ideal surface shape for perfect head-to-tape contact as well as to obtain a
shallow gap depth for focusing the magnetic field into a sharp oblong radius. This
focused-field system minimizes high frequency loss, eliminates undue equalization, and
achieves a wider dynamic range. This amazing feature together with high quality general
engineering and the use of low noise tape enables the GX-ZGOD to exhibit an unbeliev-
able distortionless high freouencv range to 26,000Hz and a signal-to-noise ratio of 57 dB.

om environs of Single Crystal Ferrite Head W". W, w, W. mum, comm... sum-«mm my...

Tatar AKAl SR1 um um- law, alum-an In. inn 0 n "th '0' vi.» I
ow m mm. 1 . lax M... m
\\ ! on nun: no:
,# , , '7 \ . -.-...._.-._. I
t \ cmwumnu pormnlloy maa .
4 "a." mi. mm. am..." .
_,, Mm... on... [I ,
Gap environs ol Poly-Ferrite Head _ mm». w... mam s... _ 1| mm..." ,..,
.. s .n I I V]
, _ - i I
g .u g m i
_ , I
g i // '- =
g ,1, 1.. use» 1412..» x l l r... s... in: a.
W (km! Fin-anti. tum!

2 s to in 20!:

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. .. complements GX Head performance.

v cum-mm"

z Celluluulflev

a fell

1 u.) III-lug metal mm. mt

rm NM) .ouumwmurm
. a was

,u lli

mum. rim

Epoch-making longevity!)

For watches and car engines, oil circulating self-lubricating motors
are more practical and lor audio motors as well.

To date, on constantly used machines, oiling was necessary every
six months. However, Akais new self-lubricating motor completely
banishes this bother. A motor capable of 10,000 hours oi operation
without oiling has become a reality! Further, the oil does not be-
come dirty and there is no oil eftlux. Devised for smooth non-varying
revolution: and tested for actual proof of phenomenal longevity,
this extraordinary motor also enhances the permanent characteristics
of the 6X Head, and fresh new sound is now your to enjoy hence-

Two separately installed oil circulating mechanisms.

The secret of this Akai developed Iongvlasting sell-lubricating motor
is the installation oi two oil circulating mechanisms with cellulose
fibers within the motors interior. While the oil is circulating, shaft
revolutions are always smooth and stable. Oil circulating speed is
naturally adjusted according to motor revolutions and temperature,
and because the system is neither electrically or mechanically operated,
trouble resulting from oil circulating suspension does not occur.

Oil purified in cleaning process.

Unique cellulose fibers filter out the dirt while the oil is circulating
resulting in spotless oil for improved and lasting performance.

So important is the motor, that it is sometimes referred to as the
"heart" of a tape recorder. The superior capabilities of this motor
are not just first stage capabilities, but are completely maintained.
Thus. genuine appeal of new machine stereo sound Is yours to enjoy


Empty Reel .............................. 1
Connection Cord ..... (3-core areas: 1 DIN; others: 2 PIN)
Dust Cover ...........
Sensing Foil ...........
Spare Fuses ...........
Operator's Manual .......

" For improvement purposes, specifications and design are subject to change without notice.


Track System , _
Reel Capacity ,
Tape Speed
Wow 8. Flutter

. . 4-track Zahannel stereo/monaural system
. . Up to 7'reel
. . 7-1/2 and 3»3/4ips (11%)

. Less than 0.06%WRMS at 7-1l2ips

Less than 0.1%WRMS at 3-324ips

, Correct equalization for playback oi tapes
recorded to the NAB curve
Using low noise tape .
30Hz to 26,000Hz (t3dB) at 7-1/2ips
30Hz to 20,000Hz (iSdB) at 3-3/4ips
Using regular tape
30Hz to 23,000H1 (13-15) a! 7-1/2ips
30Hz to 18,000Hz (tfldB) at 3-3/4ips

Equalization . . .

Frequency Response . . .

Distortion ......... Less than 1.2% (1.000Hz zero VU)

Signal-To-Noise Ratio. . , Better than 57dB (Tape Selector Circuit
Better than 5MB (Tape Selector Circuit

Cross-Talk ......... Better than 60dB (monaural)
Better than 45dB (stereo)

Bias Frequency ...... 100kHz

Heads ............ (4) Two GX recording/erase combination
heads, two GX playback heads.

Motors ........... (3) One dis-pole self-lubricating hysteresis

synchronous capstan drive motor, two eddy-
current outer-rotor reel drive motors

Fast Forward 8t ...... Within 75 seconds using a 1,200ft tape
Rewind Time
Recording Capacity. _ _ . Two hours stereo recording using a 1,200ft
tape at 3-3/4ips
Output Jacks ....... Line (2) : 1.23V (zero VU)11009

Required load impedance: more than 20kt:
Phone (1) : BOmV/Bn

Input Jacks ........ Microphone (2) : O.3mV/4.7kn
Line (2) : 50mV
Din Jack .......... 0.5V/25mV

. Transistors: 30 Diodes: 22
100V to 240V, AtC., 50/60Hz

Power Requirements . . .

Power Consumption . 110W max.
Dimensions ........ llthlW) x 473(H) x 226lDlmm, (17.5 x
18-6 x 8.9")
Weight ,,,,,,,,,,, 20.8kg (45.8 lbs)


Fuel-tr LEFT




12-14, Z-chome, Higashi-Kojiya.
Ohta-ku. TokyoJapan
Printed in Japan