Akai GX 230 Service Manual

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Akai GX 230 Service Manual

Extracted text from Akai GX 230 Service Manual (Ocr-read)

Page 50

GX—230/D (0077)
To reduce the Amp. noise and the click noise of the Monitor Switch, PB
Amp P.C Board (MY—5017) Condenser Cl 47141” 25'14'V and C7 10p? 16W have been
changed to the Noiseless type.
EC476965 Elect./C. (Vert. Type) 47;»? 25W N'L
Ec43281o E1ect./C. (Vert. Type) 101)}? 16W N'L
Change from: Serial‘No. 30712-00001