Akai DVP 4990 KDSM Service Manual

This is the 14 pages manual for Akai DVP 4990 KDSM Service Manual.
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Akai DVP 4990 KDSM Service Manual

Extracted text from Akai DVP 4990 KDSM Service Manual (Ocr-read)

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1. General Section 1.1 Cautions/Warnings 1.1.1 Product Safety Notice Parts marked with the symbol in the schematic diagram have critical char- acteristics. Use ONLY replacement pares recommended by the manufacturer. It is recommended that the unit be operated from a suitable DC supply or batter- ies during initial check out procedures. 1.1.2 Leakage Current Check/Resistance Check Before returning the unit to the customer, make sure you make either (1) a leakage current check or (2) a line to insulated resistance check. If the leakage current exceeds 0.5 milliamps , or if the resistance from chas- sis to either side of the power cord is less than 240 K ohms, the unit is defec- tive. WARNING: DO NOT return the unit to the customer until the problem or loca- ted and corrected. 1.2. Safe Warnings 1.2.1. Protection of Eyes from Laser Beam To protect eyes from invisible laser beam during servicing DO NOT LOOK AT THE LASER BEAM WARNING HIGH VOLTAGE INSIDE TO PREVENT ELECTRICAL SHOCK DO NOT REMOVE ANY CO- VER OR SCREW. REFER ALL SERVICING TO QU- ALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. DO NOT ALLOW THIS PRODUCTION BE EXPOSED TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. DISCONNECT THIS MAINS PLUG FROM THE SUPPLY SOCKET WHEN NOT IN USE.CAUTIONRISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPENPage 2