Akai DVP 4575 SDK 4585 MMD Service Manual

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Akai DVP 4575 SDK 4585 MMD Service Manual

Extracted text from Akai DVP 4575 SDK 4585 MMD Service Manual (Ocr-read)

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CONTENTS 1. PRECAUTIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ----------------------------------------- --- 1 1-1 S AF ETY PREC AUTI ONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ---------------------------------- 1 1-2 S ER VICING PREC AUTI ONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ------------------------------ 2 1-2-1 General Serv ing Pr ecaut ions ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ -------------------- 2 1-2-2 Insulation Che cking Pr ocedur e------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ------------------ 3 1-3 ESD PRE CA UTI ONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ------------------------------------- 3 2. REFEREN CE IN FORM ATION ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ------------------------ 4 2-1 C OMP ONE NT DESCR IPTIONS------------------------------------------------------------------------\ --------------------------- 4 2-1-1 DVD SANY O HD60 PUH ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ------------------------ 4 2-1-2 DVD Pr ocessor Chip (MTK13 79) and Fr ont-en d I C MT 1336 ------------------------------------------------------ 6 2-1-3 28-Pin, 24-Bit, 192kHz D/A with V olume Cont rol (DA1 196) ---------------------------------------------------- 15 2-1-4 Serial E EPROM, 16 K (2048 x 8) (24C16) ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ---- 17 2-1-5 8M-BIT [1Mx8/512Kx1 6] CMOS FL ASH MEMORY --------------------------------------------------------------- 18 2-1-6 512K X 16 Bit X 2 Banks Synchr onous DRAM (A43L06 16) ------------------------------------------------------- 20 3. PRODUCT SPEC IFICA TIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ------------------------ 23 4.UPGRADI NG SYSTEM AND CH AN GING THE REGI ON CO DE ---------------------------------------------------- 24 5. OPERA TING INSTRU CTION ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ------------------------- 25 MAINT EN ANCE & T RO UB LESHO OT ING ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ------------------ 26 6.DISASSE MBL Y AND REASSEMB LY------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ---------------- 28 7.TROUBLES HOOTING ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ---------------------------------- 30 8. ELECTRICAL PART LIST ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ----------------------------- 31 9. BLOCK DIAGRAM ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ -------------------------------------- 38 10. CIRCUIT DIAGRA MS ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ --------------------------------- 40 11. WIRING DIAGR AM ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ------------------------------------ 48

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1. PRECAUTIONS 1-1 Safety Pr ecautions 1) Before return ing an instrumen t to th e custo mer, always mak e a safety check of th e entire in stru ment, in clud ing , bu t not lim ited to , th e fo llo win g item s: (1) Be su re th at no bu ilt-in protectiv e devices are defectiv e or have been defeat ed duri ng servi cing. (1) Pro tectiv e shield s are prov ided to protect bo th th e technician a nd the custom er. Correctly re place all missi ng p rotective shi elds, includi ng any re move fo r servi cing conveni ence. (2) Whe n re installing t he chassi s a nd/or other assem bly in the cabinet, be sure to put bac k in place all p rotectiv e devices, in clud ing , bu t no t limited to , no nm etall ic cont rol k nobs, insulating fi sh pa pers , adjustm ent a nd c ompartment covers/s hields, an d isolation resi stor/ capaci tor ne tworks. Do n ot ope rat e this instrument or perm it it to be operat ed without al l prot ect ive devi ces correct ly installed and funct ioni ng. (2) B e sure t hat there a re no cabinet ope ning throug h which adults or ch ildren m ight be ab le to insert their fing ers and contact a haza rdous voltage . Suc h ope nings inclu de, but are no t limite d to, ex cessi vely wid e cab inet ventilatio n slo ts, an d an im properly fitted and/or incorrectly secured cabinet back cover . (3) Leakage Current Hot Ch eck-W ith t he instrum ent completel y reassem bled , p lug th e AC lin e co rd directly in to a 12 0V AC outlet. (Do no t u se an iso latio n tran sfo rmer du ring this test.) Use a leak age curren t tester or a m eterin g sy ste m th at co mp lies with Am erican Natio nal Stand ards in stitu te (ANSI) C10 1.1 Leakage. Cu rren t for App lian ces and un derwriters Lab oratories (UL) 127 0 (40.7). With the in stru ments AC sw itch first in th e ON po sitio n and then in th e OFF po sition , measure f rom a kn own ea rth ground (m etal wat er pipe, condu it, etc.) to all exp osed m etal p arts of th e instrum ent (a ntenna s, handl e brac ket s, m etal cabi nets, screwhea ds, metallic ove rlays, control s hafts, etc.), especially and expose d m etal parts that offer a n electrical return path to the chassis. Any current m easured m ust not exceed 0.5m A. Reverse t he i nstrum ent po we r co rd pl ug i n the o utlet and repeat the test. AC Leakage Test An y m easu remen ts no t with in th e li mits sp eci fied herei n indicate a potential sh ock hazard tha t must be eli minated b efore return ing th e in strument to the custom er. (4) In sulatio n Resistan ce T est Cold C heck-(1) Unplug t he po we r s uppl y co rd a nd c onnect a jum per wo re bet ween the two pr on gs of the pl ug. (2) Turn on the power switch of t he instru ment. (3) M easu re th e resistance with an ohmmete r bet ween t he jum pere d AC plug an d all ex po sed m etallic cab inet p arts on th e instrum ent, such as sc rewheads, a ntenna, cont rol shafts , ha ndle brac kets, et c. When an expose d metal lic p art has a return path to th e ch assis, th e readi ng should be bet ween 1 and 5. 2 mego hm. When there is no return path to th e ch assis, t he readin g m ust be in finite. If th e read ing is n ot with in th e li mits specified, the re is the possi bility of a shock hazard, and the inst rument m ust be re -pa red a nd rechec ked before it is retu rned to th e cu sto mer. 1