Akai DVP 3470 S 3570 S Service Manual

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Akai DVP 3470 S 3570 S Service Manual

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CONTENTS 1. PRECAUTIONS----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------1 1-1 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ------------------------------------- 1 1-2 SERVICING PRECAUTIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ --------------------------------- 2 1-2-1 General Serving Precautions------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ---------------------- -- 2 1-2-2 Insulation Checking Procedure ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ -------------------- - 3 1-3 ESD PRECAUTIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ----------------------------------------- 3 2. REFERENCE INFORMATION ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ------------------------------ 4 2-1 COMPONENT DESCRIPTIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ------------------------------ 4 2-1-1 DVD ATAPI Loader ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ --------------------------------- 4 2-1-2 NTSC/PAL Digital Video Encoder (CS4955) ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ---- 6 2-1-3 DVD Processor Chip (MT1369AE) ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ --------------- 8 2-1-4 8-Pin, 24-Bit, 96kHz St ereo D/A CONVERTER (WM8720) -------------------------------------------------------- 17 2-1-5 Serial EEPROM, 2K (256 x 8) (24C16,ST-S08) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 2-1-6 8-Megabit (512 x 8) FLASH RAM (29F800) ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ -- 20 2-1-7 512K X 16 Bit X 2 Banks Synchronous DRAM (A43L0616) ------------------------------------------------------- 23 3. PRODUCT SPE CIFICATIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ---------------------------- 26 4. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ------------------------------------------ ОШИБКА! ЗАКЛА-КА НЕ ОПРЕ-ЕЛЕНА . 4-1 BASIC CONNECTIONS -------------------------------------------------------------- О ШИБКА ! ЗАКЛА-КА НЕ ОПРЕ-ЕЛЕНА . 4-2 Selecting Video Mode----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -24 4-2 Selecting the desired DVD Menu item---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 4-4 Selecting the desired MP3 folder--------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 26 4-5 Selecting the desired MP3 title------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - 27 4-6 Searching---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----28 4-7 Resume Play-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---29 4-10 Selecting Subtitle Language--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -31 4-11 Selecting Angle--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- -32 5. DISASSEMBLY AND REASSEMBLY ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ------------------- 27 6. TROUBLESHOOTING ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ------------------------------------- 28 7. ELECTRICAL PART LIST ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ -------------------------------- - 29 8. BLOCK DIAGRAM ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ --------------------------------------- -- 35 9. CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ------------------------------------ -- 36 10. WIRING DIAGRAM ------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ------------------------------------- -- 44

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1 1-1 Safety Precautions 1) Before returning an instrument to the customer, always make a safety check of the entire instrument, including, but not limited to, the following items: (1) Be sure that no built-in protective devices are defective or have been defeated during servicing. (1) Protective shields are provided to protect both the technician and the custom er. Correctly replace all missing protective shields, including any remove for servicing convenience. (2) When reinstalling the chassis and/or other assembly in the cabinet, be sure to put back in place all protective devices, including, but not limited to, nonmetallic control knobs, insulating fish papers, adjustment and compartment covers/shields, and isolation resistor/capacitor networks. Do not operate this instrument or permit it to be operated without all protective devices correctly installed and functioning. (2) Be sure that there are no cabinet opening through which adults or children might be able to insert their fingers and contact a hazardous voltage. Such openings include, but are not limited to, excessively wide cabinet ventilation slots, and an improperly fitted and/or incorrectly secured cabinet back cover. (3) Leakage Current Hot Ch eck-With the instrument completely reassembled, plug the AC line cord directly into a 120V AC outlet. (Do not use an isolation transformer during this test.) Use a leakage current tester or a metering system that complies with American National Standards institute (ANSI) C101.1 Leakage. Current for Appliances and underwriters Laboratories (UL) 1270 (40.7). With the instruments AC switch first in the ON position and then in the OFF position, measure from a known earth ground (metal water pipe, conduit, etc.) to all exposed metal parts of the instrument (antennas, handle brackets, metal cabinets, screwheads, metallic overlays, control shafts, etc.), especially and exposed metal parts that offer an electrical return path to the chassis. Any current measured must not exceed 0.5mA. Reverse the instrument power cord plug in the outlet and repeat the test. AC Leakage Test Any measurements not within the limits specified herein indicate a potential sh ock hazard that must be eliminated before returning the instrument to the customer. (4) Insulation Resistance Test Cold Check-(1) Unplug the power supply cord and connect a jumper wore between the two prongs of the plug. (2) Turn on the power switch of the instrument. (3) Measure the resistance with an ohmmete r between the jumpered AC plug and all exposed metallic cabinet parts on the instrument, such as screwheads, antenna, control shafts, handle brackets, etc. When an exposed metallic part has a return path to the chassis, the reading should be between 1 and 5.2 megohm. When there is no return path to the chassis, the reading must be infinite. If the reading is not within the limits specified, there is the possi bility of a shock hazard, and the instrument must be re-pared and rechecked before it is returned to the customer. Insulation Resistance Test 2) Read and comply with all caution and safety related