Akai CS 33 D Schematic section 2

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Akai CS 33 D Schematic section 2

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l. This parts list is compiled by various individual blocks based on assembly process.
2. When ordering parts, please describe parts number, serial number, and model number in detail.
3. How to read List
- The reference number corresponds with illustration or photo number of that particular
parts list.
This number corresponds with the Figure Number.
-This number. corresponds with the individual parts index number
l- in that figure.
J_ A small x indicates the inability to show that particular part
1 2-] ] 5X in the Photo or Illustration.
Schematic Diagram Number of individual
I manufactured part.
l (not required for parts order)

uantit of ' rt'cula art re uired.
R, i r-Q y pa 1 r P (1
Nit lnrts No. Description MK? Q'ty
124le 800425 Flywheel Block Assy. Comm Inn; :13 1
12-116 244506 Flywheel Only lib-233 1
12-117): 244754 Felt, Flywheel lib-27S 1
12-118 251324 Main Metal Case lib-236 1
12-119 25.3080 Main Meta! RD-237 l

4. The symbol numbers shown on the P.C. Board list can be matched with the Composite Views
of Components of the Schematic Diagram or Service Manual.
5. The indications of Resistors and Capacitors in the photos of P.(. Board are being eliminated.
6. The shape of the parts and parts name, etc. can be confirmed by comparing them with the
parts shown on the Electrical Parts Table of RC. Board.
7. Both the kind of part and installation position can be determined by the Parts Number. To
determine where a parts number is listed, utilize Parts Index at end ol~ Parts List.
it is necessary first of all to find the Parts Number. This can be accomplished by using the
Reference Number listed at right of parts number in the Parts Index. (meaning of ref. no.
outlined in Item 3 above).
8. Utilize separate Price List for Parts to determine unit price. The most simple method of
finding parts Price is to utilize the reference number.