Akai CDX 105 Service Manual

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Akai CDX 105 Service Manual

Extracted text from Akai CDX 105 Service Manual (Ocr-read)

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CD - x105

a mum on.



1. Parts identified by the A symbol on the schematic
diagram and the parts list are critical for safety.
Use only replacement parts that have critical charac-
teristics recommended by the manufacturer.

2. Make leakage-current or resistance measurements
to determine that exposed parts are acceptably in-

. sulated from the supply circuit before returning the
appliance to the customer.


Pick-up . . .

not of channel:
Decoding tn/A)
pnquenoy renponne .
Total harmonic distortion .
Signal—co—noiac ncio (S/l)
Dyna-it: tango . . . .
Havana flutter .. ..
Output vanish/load impedance
Output ...........
Pane: requituzenta .
Pat u.s.n. a cannde .
Po: mrope .......
me: cmunption
Dilenuions .........

Height .......

We disc. digital audio
3M, semennducmr laser
2 channels (stereo)

16—bit dynamic/manna;

20Hz 20m:

Less than 0.061: (liq-1:)
Better than 90 on

Better than 85 as

Below measurable limit

zv/mx ems

M: 12W/220v/mv, SO/GOH:
AC 120V, 5082

AC 220v, 5on

14.5 watts

430 m (16—15/16“) u

92 m (3-5/8") n

252 m (lo—US") n

2.5 Kg (6.2 ms) net:

' Daliqn and lpeciiicltim subject to changes without

notice tor uptown-nu.