Akai CD 79 Service Manual

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Akai CD 79 Service Manual

Extracted text from Akai CD 79 Service Manual (Ocr-read)

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Pickup ............................ 3 beam Laser pick up
Pick-up system .......... ...Linear tracking

Sampling frequency.. 44.1 kHz
Digital filter ................ ...20 bit, 8 times over sampling
D/A converter .................. Sign magnitude

L, Ft independent
Error correction system ..Cross lnterleave Reed
Number of channels ........ 2 channels stereo
Frequency response ...... 2 Hz to 20 kHz :05 dB
Dynamic range

CD-69 ................ 100 dB
CD-79 ................ 101 dB
CD-69 .......................... 114 dB
CD-79 .......................... 116 dB
Total harmonic distortion
CD~69 .......................... 0-˜0022 % or less
(DD-79 ....... ...0.0018 % or less

Wow & flutter -(Less than measurable limits

Output level/impedance
Analog (Fixed) ..
Analog (Variable) .
Digital (Coaxial) ........ 0.5 Vp-p/75 ohms
Digital (Optical)..

Power requirementst

25 mW/82 ohms

except UK
240 V, 50 Hz for U K
Dimensions .................... 425 (W) x 120 (H)x 348 (D)mm
00.69 ..5.7 kg

CD-79 .. .. 9.3 kg

,. -22 st,wave lergth 660 nm

.. 220 V~230 V, 50 Hz for Europe

Standard accessories
Connection cord ..........
Remote control unit .
Batteries for remote control unit ...... 2
Operator-™s manual .......................... 1

>l< For improvement purposes, specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

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Pin No. Symbol no Description Pin No. Symbol IIO Description . .

1 TE I Tracking error Input terminal. 43 CE I DEFECT bottom hold capacitor connecting terminal.

a TDFOT I Time constant a. wile! eonnating terminal at time at aetect. 44 CF I Terminal tor connection or MIRR hold capac-˜ο¬‚nr-

3 ATSC I Window corrparator input terminal tor ATSC detection. (Non inverted inPUl -˜B'mj-™lal 0' MIR-œ comratori)

4 F20 I Terminal lor locus zero comparator input. 45 RFI I Input terminal ol RF summing amp output which is supplied through a

5 FE I Focus error input terminal capacitori

l5 FDFCT I Time constant ca acitor oennetlng terminal at time at detect. as RFO 0 RF summing arrlp output terminal (Check point lor eye pattern.)

7 vs I Center voltage Input terminal 47 DVEE - '5 V

8 Feb I In case, reducing hlgh range gain of locus servo amp, connect a 45 TZC I Input terminal ol tracking zero cross comparator.
capacitor beMeen the F53 terminal and this terminal.

9 F53 | Switches high range gain at locus servo amp according to whether
F8: is on or oll.

10 FLB I External terminal for controlling limo costant lor boosting locus servo OXA157IS (RF AMP)
low mega 93m Pin No. Symbol No Description

It FEO 0 Focus drlve outpuL 1 NC _ No connection

12 FE - I Inverted input terminal at locus amp, 2 LD 0 APO amp output terminal

13 SRCH I External terminal lor controlling time constant tor producing locus 3 PD l APC amp input terminal.
59-œ-œ -œ-™3-˜- 'Β°"-œ-˜ . 4 PDI l FIF I-V amp inverted input terminal (tor photo diode A+C of pick up)

14 TGU I External terminal lor controlling time constant tor switching ol tracking 5 PD2 | RF l-V amp inverted input terminal (lor photo diode E+D 01 pick up)
amp high range gain. 6 VEE _ _5 V

15 T6 2 I External terminal lor controlling time constant tor switching ol tracking 7 PIN I RF l-V amp inverted input terminal (lor photo diode F at pick up)
amp -9" ""5" 9"- a E-IN I RF t-V arrtp inverted input terminal (tor photo diode E at pick up)

"5 -0Β° *5 V e VR 0 tvcc + vaelrz no voltage output terminal.

-˜7 -œ-˜0 Β° -œam"g -˜Β°-"Β° --œ9-œ-œ . to vc l Center voltage input terminal of vc. (Connect to GND when :sv

18 TA ' I Inverted input tenninai ol tracking omp. power supply is used. connect to VR when +5V power supply is used.

19 SL 4, I Input terminal lor sled amp. 1-˜ NC _ No connection

20 SLO O Sled drive output. -˜ 12 NC _ No connection

2-˜ 5L - I "Wm.-œ input -˜Β°""'"fl_ tor 5'-œ amp. . _ 13 E0 0 Output terminal tor I-V amp E monitor.

22 FSET I Terminal lol' peak setting Ior locus tracking phase compensation. 14 El _ Terminal lor gain control 0' W amp E.

23 ISET I Terminal 01 source current which dealdes level at locus search. 15 TE 0 Tracking error amp output terminal (E-F signal is output.)
track-lump 9d,-œ? -CK , . ~ 16 FE-BLAS l Terminal lor bias adlustmant ol locus error amp inverted side.

24 SSTOP l Termtnal ol llmlt swflch ON/OFF detection tor disk innermost track 17 FE 0 Focus error amp output terminal.
-œmm"- ta FIFO 0 RF amp output terminal.

25 AVEE ' '5 V . ' Inverted side input terminal at RF amp.

26 DIFlC I used 8' "m9 ol -˜ "-œ51--? . t9 RFI | (The gain ol RF arrp is decided by the value ol the resistor connected
(-˜7 -œ -œ-œms P-œ" 9" -™af-˜s-˜f- '5 -œ59"-) between this terminal and the FIFO terminal)

27 LOCK -˜ 5'9-œ -™U" P'Β°VΒ°-œ"Β°" cm" -was 3-˜ 1-œ 20 LDΒ«0N | Terminal tor ON/OFF switching ol APO amp, icnp : ON, Voc : OFF)
(47k ohrm pull up resistor is Inserted.) 21 V00 _ -˜5 V

28 CLK I Serial data transmission clock input lrom CPU. (No pull up resistor) 22 NC _ No connection

29 XLT I Latch input tram CPU. (No pull up resistor)

30 DATA I Serial data input trom CPUi (No pull up reelstor)

31 XHST I Reset input terminal. (Reset at "L-˜.)

32 SENS o Outputs FZC, AS, TZC. SSTOP etc. according to command lrom

33 C OUT 0 Output Ior track number count signal.

34 D GND - GND

35 MIRR O MIRR comparator output terminal.

36 DFCT O DEFECT comparator output terminal,

37 ASV | Auto asymmetry control input terminal

38 EFM O EFM comparator output terminal.

39 FOK 0 Focus 0K comparator output terminal

40 cor r DEFECT bottom hold output terminal.

41 002 0 Input termlnal cl DEFECT bottom hold output which is supplied
through a capacitor.

42 DVCC - +5 V