Akai Stereo Cassette Decks Catalog

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Akai Stereo Cassette Decks Catalog

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Full Fidelity Per for mance for

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model (I: ><-AS>~<
i; :92 '5

6,: [331; DC] oomv B~C NR]

Now dbx and Dolby B & C for 3 Way Noise Reduction

overloading them, eliminating one Twin Field Super GX Head
source of distortion. And, it ensures _UPER The Twin Field Super GX
GX-Asx compatibility with digital audio ~ , Head operates differently

sources with its tremendous 115dB of , t; in recording and play-
The GX-A5X is a unique cassette deck, dynamic range. You get superb e-e-weew back modes to ensure
sure to complement any high-quality dubbing capability, even from optimum performance throughout the
audio component system. Not only is Component Discs. record/playback cycle. This unique
the GX-A5X equipped with Dolby B
and C noise reduction systems, but
dbx is also standard, providing an ' Adm OUTPUT
exceptional feature combination for
3-way noise reduction. The dbx system

not only eliminates

annoying tape hiss, but it
dbx also provides incredible

dynamic range. For

music listeners in search of a stylish,
functionally designed deck, complete
with features standard on the finest of
digital-era components, the GX-A5X is ,
the best choice. Noise level

The Widest Possible Dynamic Range
with Total Noise Reduction

The dbx noise reduction system
standard in the GX-A5X is one feature
that places this component well above ENCODE DECODE
other comparably-priced decks. Not
only does dbx reduce irritating tape
hiss to practically inaudible levels, it
also raises dynamic headroom,
allowing you to record tapes without

Noise level