Akai AT V350 R Service Manual

This is the 18 pages manual for Akai AT V350 R Service Manual.
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Akai AT V350 R Service Manual

Extracted text from Akai AT V350 R Service Manual (Ocr-read)

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AKAI ATV-350R Maintenance Manual ATV-350R Maintenance Manual 1. Repairing Procedures for No sound, No Picture and No Light Check whether power indicator lights in red. Press POWER to check whether 0~5V or 5~0V change is available on CPU (7) pin or not Check whether +5V supply of CPU is normal or not Check whether input +12V and 78L05 is broken or not Change CPU Check whether C1815, B1203 for ON/OFF of CPU and subsequent supply circuit is short-circuited or not. Change 32K crystal oscillation. Change B1203, C1815 Check whether each voltage for the output of power supply is normal or not Repair power supply and supply circuit Check whether high voltage supply N25 is open-circuited or not Change audion of high voltage circuit or the high voltage transformer Check whether output of high voltage is available or not Change high voltage transformer Change LCD screen Ye s No Ye s Ye s Ye s Ye s No No No No No No No Check whether external circuit for key input pin and CPU (10) (11) pins are normal or not. Ye s

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AKAI ATV-350R Maintenance Manual 2. Repairing Procedures for Inferior Color Check whether output voltage from LA76810 (19) (20) (21) is normal or not Whether LA76810 (30) (31) pins are short-circuited or not and whether (18) pin is normal or not. Check whether loop of 3Y26 (6) (8) (9) and LA76810 (19) (20) (21) is normal or not Change module of LCD software Change the broken elements of loop Check whether periphery pf 3Y26 is normal or not Change 3Y26 Ye s No Ye s No No No