Akai ASR 8025 SSP Service Manual

This is the 10 pages manual for Akai ASR 8025 SSP Service Manual.
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Akai ASR 8025 SSP Service Manual

Extracted text from Akai ASR 8025 SSP Service Manual (Ocr-read)

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General safety instructions Contents To avoid the risk of an electronic shock, you shouldCover------------------------------------ ----P1 not expose the device to rain or moisture. Consequently, General safety instruction--------------P2 do not use the device in the immediate vicinity of water, Exploded view of the Subwoofer----- P3 for example near a bath tub, a swimming pool or in a Exploded view of the satellite---------P4 damp cellar. Schematic diagram-----------------------P5 Use the device only for the intended purpose. Drawing of PCB board-------------P6--P9 only connect the device at a properly installed plug so- Part list--------------------------------------P10 cket. Pay attention that the specified voltage corres- Familiar malfunction analysis---------P11 ponds to the voltage of plug socket. when using external mains supply, pay attention to the correct polarity and voltage. Always place the batteries Specification Data: in the correct direction. RMS output:110W(35W+15W*5) Assemble the device in such a way that the available Speaker Unit: ventilation openings are not covered. subwoofer: 5.25" Never open the housing of the device. Incorrect rep satellite: 3"*5 airs can consitute a considerable risk of the user. Distortion: 0.3% 1W 1KHz Should the device become damaged, in particular the Frequency Response: 30Hz-20KHz mains supply cable, do not operate the device any S/N Ratio: >=60dB longer, but rather have it repaired by an expert. Seperation: >=45dB Check the mains supply cable regularly for damage. For safety reasons a broken or damaged mains lead may only be replaced by an equivlent lead from the manufacturer, our customer service department or a similary qualified person. These symbols may be found on the unit and are in tended to indicate the following: the lightning symbol should advise the user of parts in the inside of the device which carry dangerously high voltage level. the symbol with an exclamation mark should advise the user of important operation or maintance instructions in the accompanyin g documentation. 2

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