Akai AP D40 Service Manual

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Akai AP D40 Service Manual

Extracted text from Akai AP D40 Service Manual (Ocr-read)

Page 19

1. Disconnect the Power Cord.

2. Set the Tone Arm Lifter switch to 1.

3. Bring the Tone Arm to a position between the
turntable and the Tune Arm Rest without touch-
ing either.

4. Rotate Main Weight backwards and forwards until
the Tone Ann is in perfect horizontal balance.
(Zero balance is attained.)

CAUTION 1. Be sure that Anti-skating Adjuster is
set to zero.
2. Remove the stylus guard and be care-
ful not to damage the stylus.

5. Without moving the Main Weight, turn only the
Stylus Pressure Scale Ring to match the -0- mark
with the marker on the weight shaft. (Refer to
Fig. 13)


The distance from the turntable shaft to the stylus
when the Tone Ann is at the center of the turntable
is called overhang. Although overhang is preset at the
factory for this model, when the cartridge is replaced,
adjustment may be necessary. For your convenience,
the rubber tumtable mat has an indicator groove at
the center for easy overhang adjustment.

Bring the Tone Arm to the center of the turntable.
Adjust the cartridge position in the cartridge shell so
that the stylus position is even with the middle
groove ring at overhang adjustment position. The
cartridge position is adjustable by resetting the screws
of the cartridge shell.

6. Turn Main Weight counter-clockwise (as viewed
from the front) with the Stylus Pressure Scale
Ring until the marker on the weight shaft corre-
sponds to the desired stylus pressure on the scale.

NOTE 1. AP-D40, AP-Q60 Black and Silver Panel
Models do not come equipped with

2. The recommended stylus pressure for
the supplid stylus (AP-D40C, AP-Q60C
only), RS-90 is 2 grams. However, in the
case of outside interference, more pres-
sure may be needed for stability.

The range of adjustment is from 0 to 3
grams. -

7. Set the Anti-skating adjuster to correspond with
the stylus pressure. (Fine adjust if necessary.)


Fig. 14 Overhang Adjustment