Akai AP A950 Owners Manual

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Akai AP A950 Owners Manual

Extracted text from Akai AP A950 Owners Manual (Ocr-read)

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Model AP-A950 Turntable

Operator's Manual

Please read this manual carefully before
attempting to set up your turntable.

Safety notice
Mains plug wiring details
Main components and controls
Setting up your turntable
Using your turntable
Cartridge replacement
Technical specification


1993 Akai (UK) Limited

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Your turntable comes pre-fitted with a mains plug conforming to B81363. This plug is fitted
with a 3 Amp. luse.

It the existing plug is removed, any replacement should conform to B81363 and also be
fitted with a 3 Amp. fuse. Wiring must be in accordance with the diagram below.

The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code :-

Blue .......................... Neutral
Brown ....................... Live
L The wires in the mains lead must be connected
i) to the terminals in the mains plug as follows :-
Blue ............. N or coloured BLACK

t Brown .......... L or coloured FlED
I No wires should be connected to the terminal

I marked E or coloured GREEN

Brown (Live)
Blue (Neutral)

if another type of plug is used a 5 Amp. or lower value fuse should be used, either in the
plug, an adaptor or at the distribution board.

if the existing moulded plug is removed, it must be
immediately and safely disposed of. Failure to do
so could result in fatal electric shock.


Balance weight

Centre bearing
Motor pulley

Power switch

Arm lifter

Cover hinge holder
Platter drive pulley
Platter & mat


Bias adjuster

Arm rest & clip


Main Components & Controls