Akai AM U4 Schematic

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Akai AM U4 Schematic

Extracted text from Akai AM U4 Schematic (Ocr-read)

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VIII. CLASSIFICATION OF VARIOUS P.C BOARDS AKAI AMU-04 11 1. P.C BOARD TITLES AND IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS P.C Board title P.C Board Number Main Amp P.C Board AMU-4001 A Push Switch P.C Board AMU-4001 B LED P.C Board (B) AMU-4001C Selector P.C Board AMU-4002 Tone Control P.C Board AMU-4003 Pin Jack P.C Board AMU-4005 Fuse P.C Board (U/T) AMU-4006 Fuse P.C Board (CSA, AAL) AMU-4058 Fuse P.C Board (JPN) AMU-4060 Fuse P.C Board (CEE, UK, SAA) AMU-4059 LED P.C Board (A) AMU-4007 Slide Volume P.C Board AMU-4008 Loudness P.C Board AMU-2003 Bar Meter P.C Board AMU-2006 Chart-1

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