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Akai AM A2 Owners Manual

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Power requirements

Power ICQUIIIIIUIIIS for electrical equlpmznl differ from area id area.
Please ensure that your machute meets the power requirements in
Your Merl.

lrr'n doubt. consult a qualified electrician.

110V. 60 Hz for USA and Canada

220V, 50 Hz for Europe exoept UK

240V. 50 Hz for UK and Austr'nll'l

HOV/l 20V]210V/240V. 50/60 Hz convenihla for other countries.

Voltage converswn

Models for Cannon USA. Europe, UK and Australia Are not equipped
With this faculty. Each machlne is preset II the factory awarding in
destination. but some machines can he set to 110V. 120V. 120V or
740V Is required. Ifyour muchine's voltage an beconverted

Before oonitectitt the Power eord, turn the

VOLTAGE SEL 0R lomted on the rest

panel with a screwdriver until lhe'mnecl vol.

Mise en garde

Pulssance dallmentatlon

Ln puissnnoe d'alimentallcn des apparelis electrinuw vane selon It:
pays. chitler votts assurer que votte tpptreil :st eonionrte a In puis-
sauce tl'ultrnentntion de voire lesion.

En as d: doure. cnnsultez un clactnclen outline.

12er, so Hz pour les Elms-Unis

no v, so l-lz pour i'Europa saul'le RoydumeUni

znu v. 50in pour I: Roglume-Uni rt I'Australle

llo Vino W220 V/2t v. 50/50 Hz selectionnahle pout Ins nutres

Conversmn de la tensron
Les modeled desiinLt' nu Cnnitda. aux Stats-Urn. A I'Ellrope. all
Royaume-Unl cl 1 I'Austrille tie sent pas equipes de cc dispositif.
Chaotic npparell est preregle en usine soion so destination, mars oer-
utns Ivvlrells Denver" cue régJLs sur 110 V, IZD V. 120 V on 240 V 5i
newest-re. ,
it In tension de volrr :vmreil doil Eire changes:

Avani de wnnecler le cordon szcieur. Iourncz

Inge is Indicated.

What you should know to
protect yourself.

wmelt outt You mipht an 'sn otmrle shock.

Ie seleneut de tensron (VOLTAGE SELEC-
TOR) sllue sur le panneau arriere tvee un tour-
nevis lusnua ce que la tension oorrecle soil ln~
dlmlée. , l.

Ce qtle vous devez- sat/oh
pour vous protéger

Anonltofl i Vofls poutliu reenvolr unl d6-

- Never touch the plug w'tlh wet hands. -

- Always pull truth the plug nnri never the curd

- Only let a quaii ed professional repair or reassemble the Altar
Amplifier. All unauthorized person mirthl touch the Internal pans
and receive a serious electric shock. _ _ _

- Never allow rt child to put anything. especially metal. thin the Aral

Lot'l protect the AItIIAlIIpI urtoo, ,
- Use only household a AC power source. Never use a DC power
source. - .

- Make sure that the power consumption of each component con- _

nceiod to [his amplifier does not exceed the total wallnfie specified
onurorearpanel. » . _
- if Water is spilled on the Altai Amplifier. dlscortrtea ti and all
' yuurdealzr. -, .
Make sure that the Altai Amplifier is well ventilated and away
from direct sunlight)

Keep away from heat (.tlavu. etc .

- Avoid ustng spny type insecticide near the Altai Ampiinet. It a...

. damage the ilntsh and might ignite suddenly y _
- Io avortl starring the "dish. never use alcohol. paint thinner or
- othersintiiarchern eats to elem the Altai Amplifier. _ '

- PlncetheAkal' Amnllfinr nnsilntrtnd oolidsurrroe. .
W you plan not to ll thl Altll Ampllflvr In! I long tlme, all ll
dlloonnect "(I power cord.

in order'to en oy the Alt-i Amplifier properly, please read this operat
tors manual ornushll'. '

To avoid damages to the internal circuit! and the external surllce.,

eh rga eimrlntre.

- Ne louchezytmais IJlDllse avec des rnatns nun-mics

- Debranchel l'appareil en tennnt In prise Elle-mime ct non pas le

- )ie faites repsrer ou remonter lampiirlcaleur Airst true par un
techniclen do sen/ire. Une personne non qualifiée poluroit toucher
des pieces intentas et tenet-nit une déchzrge electrique dangereuse.

- Nejlmlis Iaisser utt enfhttt nteure quelque chose, an pmirulier en
metal. dans l'amvllncaieur Altai.

Prong" dall'mont I'smpliiientnur Altai

I N'ulilisez due at: sources dc mutant eedeur N'hlhll'st'zjuuiis de
sourctsdalimenlnticn CC. ' .

- Assurezwous one in concernmllurt d: courant do chaque élément
connecte t cet nrnpiificaleur no step-rut: pus ie wattage spent-.e sur
le panncsu ntiiéle.

I All us an id: l'uu e'zl renversée SUI l'flmpliltcfllaur Altai,
deconneclez-Ie el prenez contact one \Dln: oorrccssronnalre. .

I Assurez-vous qua l'fimvlilluteur Altai est bien aéré 2| hots dlt~

,ternte desnyonsdirecls dusolell. \

I Gnldctl'appaleil a 1'5" dc sources de chaleur (fours. cl: I Pout
evrier dendorrtmeger la surface eXtérteure ott Ies circuits interns.

D Evllez d'utilisel desinsecticides tie IVE: aerosol DIG de Iamvlifici-
teur Akzt. Ils pourralent endommaget In firtilinn et senl'lammzr

I Al'ttt d'tvilet dmdommlser Ii finilion, nil seZ jfimhis dslooul.
dc diluanis cu auires produils chimreues strnt aires pour nttieyer
l'amvlificatzur Altai.

. pincezi'ampliiicateurAltaisurunesuriacoplaneetsolid

r Deconneemt Ia cerdnn raetnur aI volfl nonlu lll v a ullllur
I'arrtptiiierrtaur Akll pennant Ionetempt.

chiilet lire altentiverttertt re manuei ann d'appreerer totaien-lent

rust or ester-tie men I
poser orrrt . o




TM shit-ins flash with arrowheld symbol supenrn.
posed across a moment representation of a person
' wlthin an equiittetal triangle 5 rntended to alert the
User to the presence or uninsuletod dangerous v01.
- use" within the products enclosure; lhitmfly he 9
sutncient maytltude to constitute a risk or electric
shock. .

. The exclamation punt utthnt an equilateral triangle
I is intended to alert the user tothe resence ofrrrrpor.
lont operating mdlmaiufenlnce servrttngl Inslmc~

' ' lions in the literature ilocomvtlnyini the rppirance


The flex supplied with your machine will have either two wires
or three as shown in the illustrations.

The Wires in this mains lead are
coloured in accordance with the
following code
Blue: Neutral
Brown: Live
As the colours of the wires in lhe
mains lead of ihts Apparatus may
not correspond with the coloured
markings identifying the terminals
in your plu _ proceed as follows:
The wire w ich is coloured blue 5.
must be connected to the terminal razor...) "noel
which is marked with the letter N
or coloured black.
The Wire which is coloured brown must be connected to the
lemma] which is marked with the letter L or coloured red.
' Do not connect any wrre lo the larger pin marked E or
when wiring a plug. Ensure that all terminals are sccurcly
lightened and that no loose strands of wire exist.


1. Reed instructions - All the misty and operating inttnrerinm should he read
hoiorc the equipment Isoponrted.
1 Retun Instructions _ The saiety and aperztlnj Inrtruotions should he
returned rort'uture reirrrnre. .
I. Here \thinp - All warning; on the equipment 2nd m the operating in
rtruruons should he adhered to
Fotlow Instructions - All lnsinrctronr (or npertunx and use should he
or owed
.waternnd Moisture - The Wuivflltnl should not be user: neat ml: for
example. near I hzthtnh. Wuhbwlt kitchen sink. hundry trio. in e wet
basement, 0! null ll swimmln! pool. ctr.
Carts rand Stands - nre EQUIPWM thould he used only With a am or stand
that it mmended toy Alt '
.waii or CLIlInl Mount rt; - Aka] does not recommend mounting the nmup~
ment on n wall or a polling.
Ventilation - The equipment should he ntuated to that It! toe-lion or post-
tIcn does not lntertere with Its propnr thtllntian For etample. the equip.
ment shoutd not he situated on a bedr atria, nag. trr armtlar run-cs that In!!!
block the t-enutauort openings: or. ytmd tn a nil rr tnstnliatton. such as a
bookrere or cabinet that may impede the now on through the renuution
ethinru that my impedethe howoia through thr ventilation openrnns.
Hell - The ewtvmtnl should he at sled away rrom heat sources such as
radiators, heat refilalem limit; at other equipmehu (lnnludinximpllfiw)
the prnduoe hear.
it). rower Some. _ rite equipment should be ponnrrted to t WWI supply
only of the type ducribed in the operating instructions or as marked on the
, Gmunderg or )olzriutitm - Precautions should be taken so that the
oundlMotnolnnuhon meansnirhr eduipmentisnoldeieated
l2. diver-Cold Protection - Power-Eu Iy cords shonid no routed so that they
are not Itltely to he walked on or rrrnthrd or items prawn llrlpn or urinal
them, Dayton nlnlmhl tttonuon to Lord: at plugs. cunvtnlellm tenements.
and the point when: they eldt inn-n use niprnem.
ll. Cleaning _ The equipment thoutd be c emzd only as recommended hy the
M. Potter Lines. Anautdoormtenmshnuld he turned "my rrotn power liner.
ts Outdoor Antenna Groundio. ii an outside antenna is connected to the
rersryrr. or one the antenna system Is grounded so as to provide some wu-
tection midst Volt: mica sad truth tr mire chants. Section lilo oithe
National Electric Cons. ANSI/NFPA o. io-lssl ptovtdbs inter-matron
with respect to roper ubundln; or the mast rtn ruppertin; emulate.
pounding or the stain wire to an Intemtl dlschlrge unit. size oryounoitsg
conductors. Ioallon or antenna-Maire unit. connection to unundlnx
electrodes. and requirements for the pounding electrode. See Figure l.







The wires ill this mains lead are
coloured in accordance with the
following code:

Green-and-yello Earth

Blue: Neutral

Brawn: Live
As the colours of the wires in the
mains lead of this apparatus may
not correspond with the coloured
markings identifying the terminals
in your plug, proceed as follows:
The wire which is coloured green»
land-yellow must be connected to
the terminal in the PIES WlliChhis at E a
marked by the letter or y l e " PW"
safety earth symbol 2' or Mum" "JV
coloured green or coloured yean-and-yellow.
The Wire which is coloured blue must be connected to the
terminal which is marked with the letter N or coloured black.
The wire which ts coloured hrown must be connected to the
terminal which is marked with the letter L or coloured rod.

Fidunr r
onaunolna As PER NATIONAL
EtecrntcAL coczlusthucrlona

a llseNo tonwoillmm-l
copper. No a AWG (at
mm') aluminum. ND. I7
we no mmJ roppernltd

cuw steel or lrronre wire, or

'2 Sea!!! Interim lend-in tutd
[round wlrts to house wlm
gland-0W Insull|07$ Wad
gjlfiflivlfli d h

c punt dntenna mu

m "5 unit a; close as pots-trio to

where lendJn enters house.

LEAD IN wtrtEtl




ri GROUNUING creations
u ohlvm e lNVO VHE
sAmr-t izu mrrEAsl

to. hqnurs periods - The poser cord nitric e uipment should be unpluugd
Irunt thecuttet when ten unused tor a tour psr odofllrnr.
I7. Obefl and Lllulfl Entry - Cute should he tlken to [Mt nhlecls do nnl [all
1 Quins: notwillm nlo Lh: euclomuelhtbuxh openlltgl
ta Dun": ltsqulrin. Serv - The equipment should lrcservited by qurlirtsd
service personnel when: '
rt. nrt oower-ntmlycord omit plu mi open damatod
a chieeuhrve Ien. orliquta hat on spilled into the equipment;
c The equipment has neon exposed to min:
1:. The equipment does not appear to operate norntrlry or exhibits: merited
charlie in porrornttnce:
E The qultpn'lull his been dropped. 0! (beennloeun demand.
I9. Servicinq - The user should not llkm t to senior the equipment beyond
that descrihed In the npsraunp instruct ons. All other servislnr should he
termed ta outlined service unsound.