Akai AM 57 Owners Manual

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Akai AM 57 Owners Manual

Extracted text from Akai AM 57 Owners Manual (Ocr-read)

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Precautions and table of contents


To prevent fire or shock hazard. do not expose this ap-

liance to rain or moisture.
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Power req ulrements

Power requirements for electrical appliances differ from
area to area. Please ensure that your unit meets the re-
quirements in your areas ‘ . .

If in doubt consult a quallfled electrician.

-230V. 50Hz.
22° 2-En

m. equipment conforms to Mommas/sec, 37/303]

ta dard.
EECs n 3A-En


s1/aos. SB.“

Make Your Contribution to Protect the Environment

Used batteries with the ISO symbol for recycling

as well as small accumulators (rechargeable w

batteries), mini-batteries (cells) and starter bat- Q”?
teries should not be thrown into the garbage can.

Please leave them at an appropriate depot All other
household batteries can be thrown outwith the household

waste. 29'Ei‘l

Table of contents

Basic connections ..................
Digital component connections .
Controls ......
Remote contrc
Source playback .
Operation details

Recording ..........
Troubleshooting .
Specifications ........

What you should know to protect

0 Never touch the power cord’s plug with wet hands.

I Always pull the power cord out by its plug. never by its cord.

0 Only let a qualified professional repair or reassemble the am-
plifier. An inexperienced person might touch the internal
parts and receive a serious shock.

0 Never put anything. especially metal into the amplifier.

Protect the amplifier too

0 Use a household AC power source only. Never use a DC
power source.

0 If water is spilled on the amplifier, disconnect It and call your

0 Make sure that the amplifier is well ventilated and away from
direct sunlight.

0 To avoid damage to the internal circuits and the extemai sur-
face. keep the amplifier away from heat (stoves, etc.).

- Avoid using aerosol sprays near the amplifier as this could
damage the finish or cause sudden ignition of the spray.

0 To avoid damaing the finish. never use paintthlnnerorother
similar chemicals to clean the amplifier.

0 Place the amplifier on a flat and solid surface.

0 If you do not plan to use the amplifier for along period of time, '
disconnect the power cord.