Akai ACL 801 Schematic

This is the 6 pages manual for Akai ACL 801 Schematic.
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Akai ACL 801 Schematic

Extracted text from Akai ACL 801 Schematic (Ocr-read)

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AKAI ACL-801 Servicing Map

1. No picture. No sound. backlight not light

Power on to check Power supply audion B 1204 E pole

Yes No

. 1

Press Power to check 1024 C pole output +12V
(Yes/ No) Check fuse +12V output
Yes No Yes No
Ch k h' h 1 " "
511:: 3:12;: 2%: si nal V Check and change Check Power J aek,
mar: e circuit g Check IC 37160 Power polarity fuse and unit
g 29 footsie +5V diode and power current more than
(Yes/No) on 1.5 A
Yes " No Yes " No
Check 1204 front Check 1204 front Check and change
controll audion controll audion Power supply parts Change fuse
periphery parts periphery such as transformer
partS(YeS/NO) and every Power
1 1
Yes 1 No SUPP y

Check and change IC 37160 and

IC 24C08 etc periphery parts Change bUCk