Akai ACA 2202 Service Manual

This is the 15 pages manual for Akai ACA 2202 Service Manual.
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Akai ACA 2202 Service Manual

Extracted text from Akai ACA 2202 Service Manual (Ocr-read)

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IC102A IC103B IC103A POWER AMP SW101B L-OUT R-OUT 3 1 LPF HPF OFF 3 1 7 5 VR102B VR104A VR103A IC102B IC203B IC203A SW101A 5 7 5 7 LPF HPF OFF 3 1 7 5 VR102A VR104B VR103B CROSSOVER @50Hz +12V D.C. REM F01 T07 T08 T01-04 T09,T10 T11-T16 T100 T200 T01 IC02 IC03 VEE VCC +/-15 T17 T166,T167 T266,T267 PROTECT MUTE CONTROL TRANS & REGULATOR POWER REGULATOR IC01 POWER CONTROL L-IN R-IN VR101A VR101B IC101A INPUT AMP IC101B 2 1 BOOST 0-12dB 30Hz-5KHz 12dB/OCT VARIABLE T151-T157 T158-T161 T162-T165 POWER AMP T251-T257 T258-T261 T262-T265 Circuitry FrameACA-2202 T22,T23

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1 2 3 4 5 6 78 A B C D 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 D C B A R108 56K R105 56K IC101B 1/2 4558 IC102B 1/2 4558 R101 1K R103 1K R106 10K C102 102(C) C103 563(M) R104 10K R110 56K C106 104(M) C107 563(M) VR104A C100K VR101B B20K R1071K C105 563(M) C101 4.7uF/50V R112 10K R113 10K R111 1K R109 68K R115 1K R114 22K C109104(M) C108 563(M) C104 563(M) VR102BB500K VR103A C100K HI OFF LO LI AV4-8.4-13 R208 56K R205 47K IC203B1/2 4558 IC101A 1/2 4558 IC102A 1/2 4558 R201 1K R203 1K R206 10K2 C202 102(C) C203 563(M) R204 10K R210 56K C206 104(M) C207 563(M) VR104B C100K VR101AB20K R2071K C205 563(M) C201 4.7uF/50V R212 10K R213 10K R211 1K R209 68K R215 1K R214 22K C209 104(M) C208 563(M) C204 563(M) VR102A 500KB VR103B C100K IC203A 1/2 4558 HI OFF LO R-AMP RI AV4-8.4-13 L-AMP D151 1N4148 R174 1K5 R160 100 R159 100 R158 100 R157 100 R151 22K C155 15(C) C156 100uF/25V R163 560 C158 47(C) C157 47(C) R150 5.6K C152 102(C) R161 1K R156 1K R167 100 R164 100 T154 5401 T153 5401 T151 5551 T152 5551 T156 5551 T155 5401 C161 47(C) C159 47(C) R166 1K8 R165 4K7 T157 2N5551 T159 OPEN T158 OPEN R168 OPEN R170 OPEN T161 A1013 T162 OPEN R171 OPEN R169 220 T166 2N5551 R152 1K R155 1K C162 151(C) C151 4.7uF/50V R172 0.12/3W R162 15K I/P * POWER-AMP[L] O/P T100 OPEN T200 OPEN R100 OPEN R200OPENMUTE T163 OPEN T165 TKB688 R173 0.12/3W R175 30K T160 2SC2383 T164 TKD718 C150 4.7uF/50V R153 8K2 R154 8K2 C154 10uF/25V C153 10uF/25V -15V +15V T167 9014 T267 9014 R178 4.7/0.5W R176 56K R177 680/2WC163 104(M) D251 1N4148 R274 1K5 R260100 R259 100 R258 100 R257 100 R251 22K C255 15(C) C256 100uF/25V R263 560 C258 47(C) C257 47(C) R250 5.6K C252 102(C) R261 1K R256 1K R267 100 R264 100 T254 5401 T2535401 T251 5551 T252 5551 T256 5551 T255 5401 C261 47(C) C259 47(C) R266 1K8 R265 4K7 T257 2N5551 T259 OPEN T258 OPEN R268 OPEN R270 OPEN T261 A1013 T262 OPEN R271 OPEN R269 220 T266 2N5551 R2521K R255 1K C262 151(C) C250 4.7uF/50V R272 0.12/3W R262 15K * POWER-AMP[R] O/P T263 OPEN T265 TKB688 R273 0.12/3W R275 30K T260 2SC2383 T264 TKD718 R253 8K2 R254 8K2 C254 10uF/25V C253 10uF/25V -15V +15V R278 4.7/0.5W R277 680/2W C263 104(M) PROTECTION C251 4.7uF/50V R276 56K C160 473(M) C260 473(M) C164 100uF/16V SW101B SW101A IC103A 1/2 4558 -15V +15V C149 104(C) C249 104(C) IC103B 1/2 4558 PROTECTION SPK01 SPEKER OUT L- L+ R- R+ 2(G) 3 (S) 1(D) 2(G) 3(S) 1(D) ACA-2202-AMP-PA2-4.SCH * * * * VEE VEEVCC VCC L101 SHORT R116 SHORT C112 OPEN A A A A A A A C111 OPEN I/P Z101 OPEN Z102 OPEN Z201 OPEN Z202 OPEN LO AV4-8.4-13 RO AV4-8.4-13 6 5 7 3 2 1 3 2 1 5 6 7 5 6 7 3 2 1 3 2 1 5 6 7