Akai AAV 301 Owners Manual

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Akai AAV 301 Owners Manual

Extracted text from Akai AAV 301 Owners Manual (Ocr-read)

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Hi-Fi & Video


to rain or movsture.

[ïŹĂ©gtNïŹLNoerhock hazard do not expose this appliance] operator-™s Manual
Manuel de l-™utilisateur

Pour éviter les risqL-es d'incendie ou de décharge électrique, ne
pas exposer cet appareil aux intempĂ©ries ou Ă© l'humidi-˜ 2.


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The lightning ïŹ‚ash with arrowhead symbol superim-

posed across a graphical representation of a person,
-˜within an equIlateral triangle is intended to alert the

msx or ELECTRIC SHOCK -˜ user to the presence of uninsulated -œdangerous \ ul-
-˜ 00 now oven . tage' -˜within the product 5 enclosu e that may be of
r - suïŹicient magnitude to constitute - risk of electric


NO USER-SEgVngAgEEAgXSTCSQKESTgER BACK)-˜ .The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle

REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PCRSONNEL is intended to alert the user [0 the presence ofimpor-
-˜ -˜ tant operating and maintenance \servicing) instruc-

- tions in the literature accompanying the appliance.

Page 19

Problem? let-™s check Des nmhlĂ©mes? llĂ©riliez

Check to see il-˜the power cord is connected secure-

ly to the household AC outlet.


VĂ©riïŹez que le cordon sectcur est fermement con-

necté a la sortie secteur murale.


The SPEAKERS buttons are turned off.
Turn on one or both ol'the SPEAKERS buttons.



Les touches haut-parleurs (SPEAKERS) sont hors

Mettez sous tension une touche haut-parlcurs
(SPEAKERS) ou les deux.

Theinput source selector corresponding to the
musrc source you want to listen to is not engaged.

Depress the appropriate input source selector.

if] L I t") l\ l t":


t 't Li I \l l__l

Le sĂ©lecteur de source d-˜cntree correspondent a la
source que vous voulez Ă©couter n-˜est pas engage.
Appuyez sur la sĂ©lecteur de source d-™cntrĂ©e appro-

The VOLUME control is set too low.
Adjust the VOLUME control.

La commande de VOLUME est réglée trop bas.
RĂ©glez la commande dc VOLUME.

m. loo graves n-˜ont pas
Manhomm. .

Check the speaker connections.
Make sure that the 6 wires are connected to the 0
terminals and the (9 wires to the (9 terminals.

VĂ©riïŹez les connexions des haul-parleurs.
Assurez-vous que les ltls G) sont connectés aux
bornes (D et les ïŹls G) aux homes 6.

Check the cartridge connection.
Make sure that the lead wires are connected

VĂ©riïŹez la connexion de la cellule.
Assurez-vous que les ltls d-˜amenee sont correcte-
ment connectés.


arm - .


Vote no '
I'M-trope Io. son at magnitu-



= . . ..

Check the connections.

Are the VTR-˜s AUDIO IN and OUT lines properly connected to the

If you are dubbing the picture, did you connect the VIDEO IN and OUT
lines of the two VTRs correctly?

VĂ©riïŹez les connexions.

Est ce que les lignes entree et sortie audio (AUDIO IN et OUT) du magneto-
scope sont bien connectées au AA-VJOI?

Si vous doublez l-˜image, avez vous connectĂ© correctement les lignes entrĂ©e
ct sortie Video (VIDEO IN et OUT) des deux magnetoscope?

Should a problem persist, write down the model and serial num-
bers and all pertinent data regarding warranty coverage as well as
a clear description of the existing trouble. Contact your nearest
authorized Akai Service Station or the Service Department of
Akai Electric Company, Tokyo, Japan.

En cas de probléme, notez le nom du modele. le numéro de
sĂ©rie et toutes les donnĂ©es pertinentes concern-ant l-˜Ă©tendue de
la garantie ainsi qu-˜une description claire des dĂ©faillances tech-
niques. Prenez contact avec la Station. Service Akai la plus
proche ou la Section Apreswente de la société Akai Electric
Company, Tokyo. Japon. '