Akai AAA 45 Service Manual

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Akai AAA 45 Service Manual

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Confirm the specified insulation resistance between power cord plug prongs and externally exposed parts of the set is
greater than IO Mohms, but for equipment with external antenna terminals (tuner, receiver, etc.) and is intended for
or I, specified insulation resistance should be more than 2.2 Mohms (ground terminals, microphone jacks,
headphone jacks line-in-out jacks etc.)


1. Parts identified by the A symbol parts are critical for safety,
Replace only with parts number specified.
2. In addition to safety, other parts and assemblies are specified for conformance with such regailations as those
applying to spurious radiation. These must also be replaced only with specified replacements.
Examples: RF converters, tuner units, antenna selector switches, RF cables, noise blocking capacitors, noise
blocking filters, etc.
3 Use specified internal wiring, Note especially:
1) Wires covered with PVC tubing
2) Double insulated wires
3) High voltage leads
4. Use specified insulating materials for hazardous live parts. Note especially:
1) Insulation Tape
2) PVC tubing
3) Spacers (Insulating Barriers)
4) Insulation sheets for transistors
5) Plastic screws for fixing microswitch (especially in turntable)
5. When replacing AC primary side components (transformers, power cords, noise blocking capacitors, etc), wrap
ends of wires securely about the terminals before soldering.

C) Q

Observe that wires do not contact heat producing parts (heatsinks, oxide metal film resistors, fusible resistors, etc.)
Check that replaced wires do not contact sharp edged or pointed parts.

Also check areas surrounding repaired locations.

Use care that foreign objects (screws, solder droplets, etc.) do not remain inside the set.



Models for Canada, USA. Europe, UK and Australia are not equipped with this facility. Each machine is preset at the
factory according to destination. but some machines can be set to 110V, 120V, 220V or 240V as required, If your
machines voltage can be converted:

Before connecting the power cord. turn the VOLTAGE SELECTOR located on the rear panel with a screwdriver until
the correct voltage is indicated.

I20V 1 10V
240V 220V