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Akai 4400 Brochure

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ON H-ilVI NGffiO[U GAP H EAD Akai's superior performing One-Micron Gap Head was chosen for employ- ment in this model because of its excellent f requency response and low distortion characteristics. ln successf u lly reducing the head gap to one single micron from the usual two or four micron gap width, the gap be- tween original and recorded sound was narrowed. Thus, with the One- Micron Gap Head, the full frequency range including clear high pitched sound can be reproduced without distortion. NEW CONVERT.A-DECK VERSATi LITV The 4400 is equipped with a front panel Converter Switch enabling instant conversion of the unit to a complete tape recorder or pure tape deck system. Simply set to COMPLETE SYSTEM position to activate the built-in power amplif ier and two built- in speakers, or to PU RE DECK position for connection to a high output power external ampli- fier-speaker system. TAPE SELECTOR SWITCH A Tape Selector Switch provided on front panel facilitates the use of Akai's S.R.T. (Super Range Tape) or other make low noise tape. This tape selector circuit works to change the recording equalization according to the tape and brings out the maximum response of low noise tape. The combination of the One-Micron Gap Head charac- teristics and the use of low noise tape makes a startling difference in tone quality and extends the high frequency response range to cover an amazing 22,OOOHz. DUAL IVION ITOR ING The combination of a Tape Monitor Switch and three heads proVides instant comparison of the sound source and the actual recording being made. A simple switching of the Monitor Switch to and from SOURCE position (for monitoring source) and TAPE position (for monitoring recording the instant it is made) provides immediate indication of recording quality. A convenient front panel head- phone jack is provided for monitoring or private headphone listening. SOUND.ON-SOUND & SOUND-W ITH. SOUND Sound-on-sound is the transfer of previously re- corded material from one track to another, accu- mulating as many individual recordings on a single track as is desired. Use for fun or professional purposes.Sound-with-sound is a convenient feature for langu- age training. Record your instructor's voice on track 1 and rewind tape. Wh ile mon itoring the first recording, record on track 3. Then playback the tape and compare. Erase your voice and record aga in u ntil perf ection is atta ined. BU I LT-IN SOU N D MIIXE R Another important feature of this model is the built-in microphone-line mixing circuit. lndepend- ent line and microphone recording level controls and input jacks enable signals from microphones and signals from other sources to be blended and recorded simultaneously on the tape. Record your own voice or the voices of your singing group accompanied by your favorite orchestra or any number of other interesting musical compilations. AI-'TOMATIC SFIUT-OFF An exclusive feature of this model is the automatic shut-off function of the unit. Simply threading the * For improvement purposes, specif ications and design tape through the Automatic Shut-Off Lever and setting the Power/Automatic Shut-Off Switch to SHUT-OFF position is all that is necessary to cut off the power of the unit at the end of the tape. Especially convenient if the unit is left unattended. PAUSf; CCIhITffiOt WITH ST'AR'[" BUTTON ffiffitffiAsffi Simply lift Pause Lever to stop tape travel during recording or playback. Pause Control is especially useful when editing tapes. Set Pause Lever to temporarily suspend tape travel when certain por- tions of a program are not desired. Easy Start Button release. EXPANDtrD SCALE VIJ IVIETERS Two large front panel VU Meters not only facili- tate easier operation, but also add to the attractive design of the unit. lnternally illuminated and expanded scales provide quick and accurate deter- mination of recording and playback levels. FIIGH LY E FF ICI ENT IVlOTCIffi This model employs a highly eff icient induction type motor for stable tape travel and ideal starting torque. The boldly designed f lywheel combined with this outstanding motor reduces wow and f lutter to a signif icant degree. STURDV MECHAhIISM & RELIABLE CIRCU ITRV ln keeping with Akai's top quality parts utiliza- tion policy, the 44OO features robust construc- tion and reliable circuitry. lntegrated circu its and silicon transistors are used unsparingly for superior performance. Akai's dependable two-lever control system also adds to the reliability of the unit. are subject to change without notice. BUN I-T-IN RHEL RETAINERS A mere "twist-of-the-wrist" f irmly locks reels into place with these practical built-in Reel Retainers. Equally as easy to release. IN DEX COU I\TE R & R trS ET BIJ"T'TON Handy 4-digit lndex Counter with Reset Button provides a quick reference for locating positions on the tape. D f;I\J JAC K A Din Jack with lnput Selector Switch facilitates a single cord connection with an external amplif ier and enables input adjustnrent according to the amplif ier. STANDARD ACCHSSOR IES Connection Cord ..,..... 1 set Empty Reel .......... 1 Operator's Manual . ............ 1 TECFNN ICA[. PATA Track System: 4-track 2-channel stereo/monau- ral system. Reel Capacity: Up to 7" reel. Tape Speed: 7-1/2 and 3-3/4 ips (+2%r. Wow & Flutter: Less than O.15% RMS at 7-1/2 ips. Less than O.2% RMS at 3-3/4 ips. Equalization: Correct equalization for ptayback of tapes re- corded to NAB curve. Frequency Response: 30Hz to 22,OOOHz (+3dB) at 7-1/2 ips (Rt