Akai 4000 DS mk II Brochure

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Akai 4000 DS mk II Brochure

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OSTE R EO AND MONAU RA L R ECOR D I NG/PLAYBAC K SYSTEM. OINDIVIDUAL MICROPHONE AND LINE INPUT LEVEL CONTROLS FOR SOUND MIXING. oAccumulate individual recordings on a single track with SOUND-ON-SOUND. oCompare speech with SO UND-WITH-SOUND. STABLE TAPE TRAVEL AND CLEAR SOUND PLAYBACK WITH EFFICIENT INDI-'CTION MOTOR AND ONE-MICRON GAP H EAD DUAL MON.ITORING TAPE/SOURCE Monrtor Switch enables the operater to compare just- recorded signals with signal source for more professional recording results. PAUSE CONTROL FOR EASY TAPE EDITING lnstantly suspends tape travel. Simply lift Pause Lever when a certain part of a program is not desired, Easy Start Button release. BUILT.IN REEL RETAINERS Pulling outward and turning to left or right locks reels firmly into place. 4-DIGIT INDEX COI.JNTER WITH RESET BUTTON RECORDING INDICATOR LAMP STANDARD ACCESSORIES ConnectionCord .....1 SpareFuses .r.. ..lset Operator'sManual ....1 *Spare fuses not included with CEE, CSA, UL and LA standard models. The employment of a highly efficient induction motor and boldly designed flywheel in this model results in stable tape travel and reduced wow and flutter. This feature coupled with a three head system including Akai's one-micron gap playback head assures clear sound playback. TAPE SELLECTOR SWITCH FOR USE OF HIGH GRADE TAPE A Tape Selector Switch changes recording bias, recording equalization, recording level, and playback equalization according to the tape being used. While high performance Low Noise Tape is standard for this machine, frequency response range is further extended through the use of Chromium D iox ide Tape. EXPANDED VU METER SCALES FOR ACCURATE LEVEL INDICATION llluminated expanded scale VU Meters provide quick and accurate deter- mination of recording and playback levels. AUTOMATIC SHUT.OFF FOR OPERATING SAFETY When the 4000DS Mk-II is set for automatic shut-off, the power of the entire unit is turned off at the end of the tape. Especially convenient when the unit is left unattended. SOUND MIXING A built-in microphone-line mixing circuit and independent line and microphone input level controls facilitate sound mixing from separate sources. Record your own vocal arrangement accompanied by your favorite orchestra and manv other interesting musical compilations. SOUND.ON.SOUN D Accumulate as many individual recordings on a single track as is desired. The recording from one monaural track can be transferred to the opposite track and another recording added while monitoring through headphones. Con- venient for f un or professional use. SOUND.WITH-SOUND Among the many uses to which Sound-With-Sound can be applied is language training. For instance, record the teachers voice on one track and rewind tape. Then record your own repetitive voice on the opposite track while monitoring through headphones. Playback and compare. For improvement purposes, specifications and design are subject to change without notice. TECHNICAL DATATrack System Reel Capacity Tape Speed Wow and Flutter Frequency Response . . . . Distortion Signal-fo-Noise Ratio Erase Ratio Bias Frequency Heads MotorFast Forward and Rewind TimeOutput Jacks lnput Jacks Din Jack Semi Conductors Power Requirements . . . . Power Consumption Dimensions Weight 4 track, 2 channel stereo/monaural system Up to 7" reel 7-1 12 and 3-314 ips ft2o/ol Less than O.12o/o WRMS at 7 -1 12 ips; Less than O.15% WRMS at 3-3/4 ips 30 Hz to 23,000 Hz (t3 dB) at 7-112 ips using AKAI LN-150-7 Tape; 30Hz to 16,000 Hz (t3 dB) at 3-314 ips usins AKAI LN- 1 5O-7 tape Less than 1% (1 ,0O0 Hz "O' ' VU) using low noise tape Better than 56 dB (measured via tape with peak recording level of +6 VU) Better than 70 dB 1 0O kHz (3): 1 one-micron gap playback head, 1 recording head, 1 erase head 4-pole induction motor 200 seconds using a 1200 ft tape Line (21 O.775V ("O"VU) Required load impedance: More than 50 k ohms Phone (1): 30 mV/B ohms Microphone (2): 0.55 mV/30 k ohms Line (2):50 mV/200 k ohms 0.5 V/3 mV Transistors 19, Diodes 5 USA and Canada Models: 12OV, 60 Hz only CEE Models: 22O V, 50 Hz Other Models: 100 to 24O V, 50/60 Hz (Switchable ) 40w407 (W) x 314 (H) x 196 (Dlmm (16 x 12.4 x7.7"1 1 1 .1 kg (24.4 lbs) c1 9MA75070875B2 A A DISTRIBUTED BY AKAI AMERICA,ID. 2139 E. Del Amo Blvd., compton, calat., 90220, u.s.A. TELEPHON E : (213) 537-3880 TELEX: 67-7494 MANUFACTURED & DISTRIBUTED BY AKAI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. 12-14, 2-chome, H igash i- Koliya, Ohta-ku, Tokyo, Japan Printed in Japan