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Akai 4000 DB Brochure

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OUATITY RECORDII{G A]ID PTAYBACI( ITIIH A CO]I|PACT A]ID COMPTETEIY PORIABTE TAPE RECORDER Itrffi{mffinmffi {mlffimffiK OUALITY RECORDING WITH AKAI'S ONE MICRON GAP HEAD Akai's one-micron gap head is responsible for an amazingly important difference in tape recording. It's the difference between ordinary performance and high density quality recording and playback. Ordinary head gaps are from 2 to 4 microns, but the gap of this outstanding head is only one micron. This high density recording system pro- vides excellent frequency response and clear, high pitched sound is generated as a frequency tone and recorded smoothly without distortion. DOLBY hIOISE REDUCTION SYSTEM BANISHES TAPE HISS With the Dolby Noise Reduction System, hissing noise heretofore thought impossible to eliminate, is reduced to a completely inaudible level. Basically, this circuit boosts the low level signals prior to recording and lowers them by precisely that same amount at playback time. During this revolution- ary process, the extraneous noise is eliminated, thus also eliminating tape hiss. DUAL MONITORING FOR A MORE PROF ESSIONAL R ECO RDI NG A Tape Monitor Switch and three heads facilitate instant comparison of the recording being made with source signals. Easy confirmation of recording quality results in a more professional recording. The 4000D8 is also equipped with a front panel headhone jack for monitoring or private head- phone listening. SOUN D-ON-SOUND R ECO RDI tUG Sound-On-Sound is the accumulation of as many individual recordings on a single track as is desired. For instance, record on track 1 and rewind tape. While monitoring the first recording through head- phones, record on track 3. Both recordings will merge on track 3. Repeat as many times as is desired by switching Track Selector positions. Convenient for fun or professional use. SOUND.WIT'hI.SOUNDRecord on one track, then rewind tape and record on another track while listening to f irst recording through headphones. Playback and compare! Especially convenient for repetition and com- parison exercises such as when studying a foreign language, etc. SOUND MIXING FROIVI SEPARATE SCU RCES lndependent line and microphone recording level controls and input jacks enable signals f rom microphone and line sources to be blended and recorded simultaneously. Record your own vocal style accompanied by your favorite orchestra, etc. I nteresting and entertaining. AUTOMATIC SHUT.OF F SAFETY FEATURE Threading the tape through the Automatic Shut- Off Lever and setting the Power Switch to Shut- Off position is all that is necessary to eff ect Automatic Shut-Off at the end of the tape. A convenient safety feature should the unit be left unattended. PAUSE CONTROL FOR EASY TAPE EDITI NG Momentarily stops tape travel during recording or playback. Pause control is especially useful when editing tapes. Simply lift Pause Lever when a certain portion of the program is not desired. Easy Start Button release. EXPANDED SCALE VU IV1ETERS lnternally illuminated expanded scale V U Meters provide quick and accurate determination of re- cording and playback levels. STI"'RDY MECHANISM AND EF FICIENT II\lDUCTION MOTOR ln keeping with Akai's top quality parts utilization policy, the 4000D8 also features robust construc- tion and sturdy mechanism. Further, a highly efficient induction type motor assures stable tape travel and ideal starting torque. The characteristics of this motor coupled with a boldly designed flywheel reduces wow and flutter significantly. STANDARD ACCESSORIES Pin plug cord 1 Spare fuse 1 set Operator's manual 1 TECHNICAL DATA Track System: 4 track 2-channel Stereo Monaural system Reel Capacity: Up to 7" reel Tape Speed: 7-l 12 and 3-3l4ips (t2%) Wow & Flutter: Less than 0.15% at 7-ll2ips, Less than O.2% at 3-3 l4ips Frequency Response: 30Hz to 23,OOOHz (t rdB) at 7 -t l2ips, 3oHz to 16,000H2 (t rd B) at 3-3 /aips Distortion: Less than t.o% (1,000Hr"o"VU) Signal to Noise Ratio: Better than 5 sdB (with Dolby Process: 60d B at 5 kHz) Erase Ratio; Better than 70d B Cross-Talk: Better than 6 5 d B (monaural), Bett er than 40 dB (stereo ) Bias Frequency: 10 5kHz Heads: (3) One-micron gap Recording Head, One-micron gap Playback Head, Erase Head, Motors: (t ) +-pole induction * Specifications were determined with Scotch #21 1 (low noise) tape. motor Fast Forward & Rewind Time: I201150 sec. using a 1,200ft. Tape at 60/5 }Hz. Output Jacks: Line (2): 0.77 5V _(::q"VV) (Rgquired load impedance: m6re than 20k0), Phone (1). 30mV/8O Inp_!r!,!1ck;: Micro- phbne Q):0.4mY14.7ka, Line (2):70mV Din Jac\iO.lVl-7:ny Jtligh), ).S*V (Low) Semi-Conductors: Transistors: 27, FETi-2, IC: 4, Diodes: L7 Power Requirements: 120V A.C., 60Hz Power Consumption: 35W Dimensions: 406(W) x 325(H) x 196(D)mm (16.0 x 12.8 x 7.7") Weight: 12.Okg (26.4 lbs) co2J7 406267 583 * ,,Dolby,' and the Double D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories, Inc._(under license from Dolby Laboratories). * For improvement purposes, specifications and design are subject to change without notice. DISTRIBUTED BY AKAI AMERICA,ID. 2139 E. Del Amo Blvd., Compton, Calif ., 9O22O, U.S.A. TELEPHONE : (213) 537-3880 TELEX:67-7494 MANUFACTURED & DISTR!BUTED BY AKAI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. "12-1 4, 2-chome, H igash i- Koiiya, Ohta-ku, Tokyo, Japan Printed in Japan