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Aiwa XC 004 Brochure

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Compact Disc Player
with Dual DlA Converters
and 4 Timespversampling; -_ 7

The digital technology and 4-times oversampling digital filter
of the XC-004 are your tickets to auditorium-quality sound
like youve never heard before! You can conduct and
orchestrate all major functions of the X0004 with the 40-key
wireless remote controller, including 20-selection
programmability, index search and 3-way repeat play. And,
the manual program edit assists you in making cassette
recordings from the compact disc.

AIWA-what a difference

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Timer -
Play/Off/ Random v

20 Selection

Time Button

Skip Controls
Search Controls

Digital Tracking

Index Search Display

Forward/ Reverse

Peak Search

Repeat Buttons Random Selection Phone Level

Headphone Jack

Advanced CD Player for ultimate digital sound

Compact discs are unquestionably the new standard in music
reproduction and the XC-004 incorporates several of Aiwas original new
developments in digital audio technology. The Linear Bit Shift System
(LBSS) works as an 18 bit D/A converter which preserves the

delicate nuances of quiet musical passages. 40-Key Remote


o LBSS-Linear Bit Shift System reduces distortion through the entire sound U
spectrum, achieving a wider dynamic range and a higher S/N ratio. Works as
18-Bit Dual 0/ A Converters which fully exploit the digital sound potential of
each Compact Disc you play. l
0 4 Times Oversampling Digital Filter results in sound with better overall
balance and improved stereo imaging.
0 Advanced 3-Beam Laser Pickup uses highly responsive electronic servo
circuitry for positive and precise tracking of the pit lane" encoded on
Compact Discs.
0 20-Selection Random Programmable Memory with Music Calendar
selects up to 20 selection for playback in any order.

0 Wireless Remote Control puts you in command with 40-key operation.

0 Quick Peak Search approximately 30 seconds: For easier setting of
recording levels for dubbing, the player repeats a three second section of the
maximum peak level on the disc.

0 Manual Program Edit for easier dubbing of a discs selections onto both
sides of a cassette tape.

0 3-Way Repeat: entire disc/one track/block AB.

0 Program Time Counter displays total playing time of all programmed

0 Auto Blank System pauses the CD player during tape dubbing to create a
four-second blank silence between songs for proper Music Sensor operation. XC-004

0 Compatible with CD-3" singles with no adaptor needed.

0 Index Search and Timer Standby Mechanism.
Please check the laws on

Spe°"°a°5i Emmi SAMPL'NG ifiinyilgshéser'ifllégLiéiigrfiélia e
Frequency Response: 20H2-20kH2(+0-5d8) F-equencvz 176.4kHz forthelcou'ntry in'which this p

Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.004% (at 1kHz)

Power Source: 120V. 60Hz

machine is being used. v

Dynamic Range: 96dB (at 1kHz) Dimensions: 165/15" x 49/16" x 133/4"

SIN Ratio: 105dB Weight: 10.6 lbs.

Channel Separation: 90dB (at 1kHz) AIWA AM ERICA INC.
Wow & Flutter: Below measurable limits as 0xtord Drive, Moonachie. NJ 07074

'Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

(201) 440-5220 89071530M Primed in USA