Aiwa SA C22K Owners Manual

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Aiwa SA C22K Owners Manual

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0 RIAA deviation of only 20.2 dB (20 Hz to

20 kHz) and a phono S/N of 80 dB
Low-noise transistors are featured in the first
stage and these are combined with high gain
le to reduce the noise and improve the sta-
bility of the preamplifier. Carefully selected
polypropylene capacitors and high-precision
metal-film resistors are used as the RIAA
elements for an RIAA deviation of less than
:0.2 dB over a frequency range of 20 Hz
to 20 kHz, thereby yielding an extremely ac-
curate frequency response. The maximum rated
input is 200 mV (at 1 kHz) assuring ample
margin for the input signals.

0 Two power supplies (plus and minus) with

high-performance differential amplifier ICs
A plus/minus dual power supply design is
used for the high-performance differential
amplifier le in the amplifier circuit. This
allows a faithful amplification of the signals
with a minimum of distortion.


Following the instructions will allow the
mance and ensure many long years of use.

Bear in mind the following suggestions:

1. Use or storage in extremely cold locations
may impair its performance.

2. Use or storage in a dusty or sandy place.
will cause deterioration of performance.

O No switch contacts in the input selector

The signals supplied from the input pin jacks
do not pass through mechanical switches but
instead are selected by analog switches which
are rationally positioned. This configuration
helps obviate the need for shield wires required
by the switch positions and also safeguards
against the generation of noise from the switch
contacts. The function selectors are operated
by soft fingertip control for easy selection of
the input and reliable operation.

0 Muting relay to suppress the "pop" noise
accompanying on/off power switching ope-

A muting circuit which is a combination of a

time constant circuit and a reed relay is used to

safeguard against the transient noise generated
when the power switch is turned on and off.

When this switch is turned on, the actuation of

the relay is delayed and the output signal is

supplied only after its operation has stabilized.

When the switch is turned off, the relay is

immediately set to off and noise is suppressed.

preamplifier to make the most of its perfor-

3. Avoid placing the preamplifier near a stove
or similar appliance or in a location where
the temperature is high.

0 Handling the AC cord

When connecting and disconnecting the AC
cord, take hold of the plug section and not the
cord. Pulling the cord may cause damage to the
cord and create hazards.

O Preventing electric shocks and fire

If the AC cord is broken or damaged, or if the

wires are exposed, contact your dealer or an

AlWA service station and have it replaced

or repaired.