Aiwa SA A22G Owners Manual

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Aiwa SA A22G Owners Manual

Extracted text from Aiwa SA A22G Owners Manual (Ocr-read)

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This amplifier contains a low-noise equalizer
amplifier featuring an RIAA deviation of
:0.2 dB (20 Hz to 20 kHz), a signal-to-
noise ratio of 80 dB and a precise frequency
response. The phono overload level of
150 mV (1 kHz) shows that this is an
amplifier with plenty to spare.

Despite its small size, it delivers a power
punch of 18W +18 W (8 ohms).

The power indicator employs a 5-LED bar
graph display and a logarithmic compression
circuit to display the total power of both
channels from 0.1 W right up to 40W (with
a load impedance of 8 ohms).


Following the instructions will allow the
mance and ensure many long years of use.

Do not obstruct the ventilating holes. Avoid
placing other components or objects on top
of this set, as the increased internal tempera-
ture may affect the electronic parts. Also
note that considerable heat is produced
when operating under high power for ex-
tended periods of time.

2. Use or storage in a dusty or sandy place

will cause deterioration of performance.

0 Tape deck input and output jacks are also

0 The separate bass and treble controls allow
the sound quality to be adjusted. When they
are set at the 0" position, the signals do
not pass through the tone circuits but yield
a flat frequency response.

0 The single-push-to-connect speaker terminals
allow the speakers to be connected both
easily and securely.

O The headphone jack permits private listen-

amplifier to make the most of its perfor-
Bear in mind the following suggestions:

3. Avoid placing the amplifier near a stove
or similar appliance or in a location where
the temperature is high.

0 Handling the AC cord

When connecting and disconnecting the AC
cord, take hold of the plug section and not the
cord. Pulling the cord may cause damage to the
cord and create hazards.

0 Preventing electric shocks and fire

If the AC cord is broken or damaged, or if the

wires are exposed, contact your dealer or an

AIWA service station and have it replaced or