This is the 45 pages manual for AIWA NSX V929.
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Extracted text from AIWA NSX V929 (Ocr-read)

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19 WAVE FORM IC504 Pin UCAS VOLT/DIV: 1V (Pin LCAS) TIME/DIV: 2mS IC501 Pin VSync VOLT/DIV: 1V NTSC TIME/DIV: 5mS IC501 Pin VSync VOLT/DIV: 1V PAL TIME/DIV: 5mS IC501 Pin HSync VOLT/DIV: 1V PAL TIME/DIV: 20mS IC501 Pin HSync VOLT/DIV: 1V NTSC TIME/DIV: 20mS IC101 Pin (RF-O) VOLT/DIV: 200mV TIME/DIV: 0.5mS EYE PATTERN must be CLEAR and MAXMAX 1.2±0.1Vp-p 0V IC501 Pin DA XCK VOLT/DIV: 1V 16.93MHz TIME/DIV: 20nS IC501 Pin GCK OUT VOLT/DIV: 1V 42.3MHz TIME/DIV: 10nS IC503 Pin 33 VCK VOLT/DIV: 1V 27MHz±1.35kHz TIME/DIV: 10nS IC506 Pin OSD CLK VOLT/DIV: 1V 13.5MHz±675Hz TIME/DIV: 20nS 93 93 101 101 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 33 8 11 30 31 86 107