Aiwa MX 100 FX 100 Service Manual

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Aiwa MX 100 FX 100 Service Manual

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Code No. 39400-00058




Code No. 41-100-000-58

TYPE. H, HU, E, K, G


Follow the instructions carefully, which will allow the user to optimise the products'
performance and give many years of serivce.

L No sun-2h and melling shall be made In sou-red lead-wires or an
as. primary circun including mains leads.

2-˜ No illnqibiliry shall be given lo lhe speeiriaamn plare, the eau-
lion labels. the Β«use labals and oihars.

3, Wham on nanem aid-s er erreun boards, addninnal repair-pans
have been made up, thu pans shall be firmly glued to circuit

6. General instructions rer rneehanrsrn ropair
ll The heads cansran and prneh roller shall be cleaned of good
quallry alcohol alrer repalredl because dir_y heads shall cause
drsroned sounds while dirty capstan and prnch roller shall
occur wow/rluuer and lakesup faull.

h d h I -˜h -˜ be h d 2) Lubricants been named the surfaces cl rransmming portion
. '_Β°"l -˜ "' Β°-˜ -' -Β°""'Β°-œΒ°"-˜5' -œ" '5-˜ a p" -˜ -a" m-œ a of the bells, rulers, capstan and punch roller shall be removed,
Irrll y. be
_ 4 cause slr er and iaulr ta etravelshall be ca ed.
4. The following manars shall be marnlarned as rhey are, when V- y y D i "S
e m 3; When Olllng, only one or me drops shall be applied 30 as
r P ' "9- not re run aver and be disuersed. Nore should be raken nf rhe
l) Soldenng of leadwlre ends .
mexal fllllng for the capstan and rolallng porlluns of lhe
- Care should he xaken of lhe space dlsrance in an a c prlr .
_ H M n Idlers and pinch roller, especrally.
2) WWW cn:::l;sweoi:5: 1'; 9-1". e I "d bi d 4) E-rrngs and poly slider wahers shall be replaced wlm new
n .r .
-˜-œ 9-˜ '"9 a W -œV W -˜ D- " 8" ones, if once ihose have been removed. - No re-ulilizalion
3) Marenals of leadwrres due m umhabili"
- a ., F | l d t d h ll , -˜
-œ9 Β°-™ -'- m-˜m-˜l ea -œ-5 Β° be u-œ 5 a -a a- 5) Regular spare-pans shall always be used for reparr, because

proved or accepted lay me up
4) LOCEIIOH of all kinds of msularors
5) Selling af voltage selector swilch
'Sei rhe Voltage Selecmr Swrrch (D 240V, 220V, Or 120V,
Ac-œWWW -˜0 VOW L00-œ VΒ°-œager bis service manual with jack of the remote manual
5. After repaired, (ha insulation roslnancu or leakage current shall
be manured with 500 : 5V D.C and shall bl nnl |BΒ§ than 1MI-™L
Measurlng palms

uslng irregular parts and tamperlrlg Wilh {he products shall
cause deterioralion, mulfunction and damage,

lM-lr-˜sauv DC \Cnrss

AC newer cord

Rarlng' More than -œ(fl/500V DC

AIWA Co.. Ltd.Tokvo Jaoan

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Typo: Stereo integiated amplifier ' ; - - -
Semiconductors: 7 (Cs, 50 transistors, 2 FETs, Semiconductors gtiisEtgs': gapgsrrors. 41 diodes
. 59 diodes. 28 LEDs Power supply: H, HU model
Power source. :bflgonggizwv AC 120V/220V/240V switchable,
. 50/60 Hz
swmzhablo, 50/50 Hz E model
E model AC 220V
AC 220v, 50/60 Hz K, G made'soxso Hz
K, 6 model AC 240V, 50/60 Hz
AC 240V, 50/60 Hz Power consumption: 14w
Power consimption: H, HU model Dimensions: 330(W) x -œfilm it 295(0) mm
110W (13")(44/4x11-5/ ")
E, K, G model Weieht: 4.0 kg (8.81 lbs.)
300W Tlfick Willi 4 tracks 2 channels
Dimensions: 33DlW) x 71(H) x 311(0) mm Tape speed: 4.3 cm/s 21.5%
(12-7/8" x 25/8" x 12-1 /4") Wow and flutter: Less than 0.032% (WFlMSl
Wught: 5.75 kg (12.57 lbs.) Automatic stop system: Full automatic stop
< Power ""9"-œ... > Automatic shut-off action time; 5
5mm" -œ-˜9'" -W-œ 3553351; ohms, T'HD' Pinch fuller pressure: 35:1;5309 (3.43 : 0.2573NI
0.01%, 1 kHz) Take-up torque: 45 _ 1og-cm (M1 f 38 mN-˜ml
Edi/7553i??? ohms T H D FF a rewind torque: 150 1 509cm (1470 t 490 mN-m)
005% 20 Hz ~ 20 k-™HZ-™) ' ' FF BI rewind time: 80 1 10 s. (060)
Play back output: 470 t 40mV (LINE)
. (TTAA161)
:zgifg-˜ffitamfl-˜ 3-™31-œ: Play husk noise: Less than 0_7 mV
~ 20 kHz, With no more than 2h 1 7 V .
0.05% Total Harmonic Distortion. (.345 (3318)! (TH OFF)
Total harmonic distortion: Less than 0.015 ~ 0.08% (1 kHz, 35W) -˜ + NE)
Output bandwidth: 5 Hz to 50,000 Hz (Less than 0.03%) -œ-œ195 -œ-œ9-œ" 0 V- - 1-˜0 -œ3 -œ-'
[Both channels drive, 8 n) (TTA'1 19.6) .
+0 RecJPB distortion: Less than 1.5% (METAL)
Frequency response: 5 Hz to 70,000 Hi (_3 d3) Less than 1.5% (00.)
. . Less than 1.5% (LH)
gmfififixn ti: :2: Β«1105 "-˜V Rem/PB SIN ratio: More than 45/52 dB
(1 kHz 3 n, (Unweighted) (METAL, Cro,, DOLBY-C NR OFF/ON)
More than 43/50 dB
< Preamplifier > (LH, DOLBY-C NFl OFF/0N)
Signll to noise ratlo: PHONO (MM) More then 87 dB (WTD-A) More than 47/52 dB
(Weighted) TUNER, AUX More than 97 d8 (METAL, Cro . DOLBY-C NR OFF/0N)
TAPE More than 97 dB More than 45/50 dB
(IHF A curve, short circuit) (LH, pony-C NR OFF/ON)
Tone controls: BASS 100 Hz -˜1 1 i :2 3: Channel separation: More than 35 dB
+ i - (1 kHz, 0 WI
TREBLE 10 kHz -˜7-2 t 1-˜0 dB Cross talk: More than 60 dB
+741 -W3 (1kHz.0VU)
D.S.L= -˜0 HI +11 dB 3 1-5 dB Erasing ratin' More than 60 dB
40 -2 +20 -œ*2- -˜13 (METAL1 Hz,0vu,+10dBI
RIAA deviation: *0-2 d5 (20 H1 '0 20.000 -œ2-™ Output level dr'n: Less than 1 dB (at 10 kHz, 0 vu)
Chonnel invitation: More than 50 dB Bias frequency: 35 kHz
Input jacks: PHONO (MM) 4 mV/47 k9. Frequency response: METAL 20 ~ 18,000 Hz
(Sensitivity/ TUNER 150 mV/A7 kn (-20 VU) (3,01 20 ~ 17,000 H1
input impedance): TAPE 200 mV/47 kn LH 20 ~ 16,000 Hz
M|C 1 rnV/5 kn Motor: DC servo motor
Output inks: TAPE 150 "IV/47 kn (capstan)
(Level/output impedance): HEADPHONES 1 mV/IW, 8 :2 DC motor
Heed: Rae/PB DX head
Erase Double gap ferrite head
I The specifications and external appearance of this set are subject Inputs: LINE lN/REC Max. input sensitivity
to change without prior notice. 50 mV

(Optimum load impedance
more than 50 kn)
Outputs Standard output level
330 mV (0 VU)
(Optimum load impedance
more than 50 km

0 Specifications and external appearance are subject to change
without due to product improvement.

0 Noise reduction system manufactured under license from Dolby
Laboratories Licensing Corporation.

0 Dolbv and the DU symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories
Licensing Corporation.