Aiwa LX 120 Service Manual

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Aiwa LX 120 Service Manual

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4. (3.3. Check by Turntable

1) General operation enables to be perfor-ed even though
raised the front side of the cabinet by 7~8cu.
So. set the turntable with using of cassette cases as
shown and check the circuit board from the component
side. (See Figure- 5)

Note: Set the turntable flat when performing the

adjustments. otherwise correct figures can not be

Case cabinet

6. Blind Plate Removal

Before performing the adjustment. remove the blind plate
because the adjusting pins are situated underneath this
plate. Proceed as follows:

1) Move the tonearm to the illustrated position.
(See Figure- 7)

Tone arm
Height (7~8cm)
Circuit board
2) lnsert a screwdriver into the illustrated onenning on
5 . Mechan ism Part Replacement the bottom cabinet and push against the blind plate to

and C.B. Check by Tonearm
(with Turntable Removed)

take off. (See FizureaB)

1 ) Detach the turntable and turn the cabinet upside down.
2) Remove the mechanism chassis and set it as illustrated,

of the tonearu leadwires. otherwise the tonearm may be


Mechanism chissvs

Leadwlre Tone arm

Circuit board

placing in oarallel with the circuit board. Take care / /

Blind nlm


Fig. 6

3) Stou the phone notor by pulling off the motor connector.

if necessary.