Aiwa LX 110 Service Manual

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Aiwa LX 110 Service Manual

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AI WA® mm:




Follow the instructions carefully, which will allow the user to optimise the products performance
and give many years of serivce.

1. No scratch and melting shall be made «I covered leadwires of an 2) Wiring and holding or leadwires with wire-clips and binders

as. primary circuit including mains leads. 3) Materials of lead-wires

2. No illegibility shall be given to the specification plate, the saw e.g.; For UL models, leadwires to be used shall be ap.
tion labels, the fuse labels and others. proved or accepted by the UL.

3. When, on pattern sides of circuit boards, additional repair-parts 4) Location of all kinds of insulators
have been made up, the parts shall be firmly glued to circuit 5) Setting of voltage selector switch
boards or other components, unless the parts can be attached * Set the Voltage Selector Swnch to 240V, 220V, or l20V.
fi"H'Y- According to your Local Voltage.

4- The 0 matters shall 5' maintained 5 they are. When 5. After repaired, the insulation resistance or leakage current shall
repairing. be measured with 500 : 5V D.C and shall be not less than an.

1) Soldering of Ieadwire ends
Care should be taken of the space distance in an ac. pri-
mary circuit as well as soldering.

Measuring Point

Flaung 3 More than lMQ/SOUV DC


l5 _

Ground Came(6) Ac Power Cord(@)

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Power source: H. HB models Type: Linear lrackinx type
AC 1 2 0 V/2 2 OV/Z 4 0V Strailht static balanced type
switchable. 5 0/5 0 Hz Effective arn Ienxth: 13 In
UB Iodel Tracking error: I 0'
E. EB models Type: VM type
ACZZUV. SO/GOHZ Frequencyresponse: 20~20.000Hz
K.KB.GIOdels Outputvoltase: 2.3+].5/-0.5 nV
ACZAUV. 50/60Hz (lkH13.54cn/s)
Power consulption: 1 0w Separation: More than 2 UdB (3 3-1/3 rnl,
Dimensions: 330(W)><88(H)><330(D)m at IkHz)
(l3X31/2"X13") Styluspressure: 1.51:0.3!
Weithl: 5.1M (l 1.2 1 lbs.) Load impedance: 47k!)
Dyna-in: compliance: 7X10 ca/dyne
Drive system: Frequency Ienerated direct drive Stylus tip: 0 Gail. Diamond
Motor: 4-phase B-pole linear lorque DD
hall Iotor
Turntable platter: A lullnun alloy diecast
Speeds: 3 3- 1/3 and 4 5 ml
Wow 8: Flulter: (I . 0 3% (WRMS) I The specifications and external appearance of this set are
S/N ratio: 7 5dB (D l N~B) subiect to change without prior notice.