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Aiwa CX NA303 Owners Manual

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Read the Operating Instructions carefully and completely before
operating the unit. Be sure to keep the Operating Instructions
for future reference. All warnings and cautions in the Operating
Instructions and on the unit should be strictly followed. as well
CAUTION as the safety suggestions below.

-˜ g n
DO NOTOPEN In tallatio
-˜ 1 Water and moisture - Do not use this unit near water, such
as near a bathtub, washbowl, swimming pool, or the like
2 Heat - Do not use this unit near sources oI heat, including
-™ heating vents, stoves, or other appliances that enerate heat.
DO NOT REMOVE COVER (0R BACK)-˜ It also should not be placed in temperaturessl-™ess than 5°C
NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. (41°F) or greater than 35cc (-˜95th
REFER SERVIC'NG TO QUAL'FIED 3 Mounting surtace - Place the unit on a flat, even surface
SERVICE PERSONNEL." ' 4 Ventilation - The unit should be situated with adequate
' space around it so that proper heat ventilation is assured.
Allow to cm (4 in.) clearance from the rear and the top of the
unit, and 5 cm (2 in.) from each side.
- Do not place the unit on a bed, rug, or similar surface that
may block the ventilation openings.
- Do not install the unit In a bookcase, cabinet, or airtight rack
where ventilation may be impeded.
5 Objects and liquid entry - Take care that objects or liquids
do not get inside the unit through the ventilation openings.
6 Carts and stands -~When placed
or mounted on a stand or cart, the
unit should be moved with care.
Quick stops, excessive force, and
uneven surfaces may cause the
unit or cart to overturn or Iall.
7 Condensation - Moisture may form on the CD pickup lens
- The unit is moved from a cold spot to a warm spot
- The heating system has just been turned on
- The unit is used in a very humid room
- The unit ls cooled by an air conditioner
When this unit has condensation inside, it may not function
normally. Should this occur, leave the unit for a few hours,
then try to operate again.
8 Wall or ceiling mounting -The unit should not be mounted
on a wall or ceiling, unless specified in the Operating


Electric Power

1 Power sources - Connect this unit only to power sources
specified in the Operating Instructions, and as marked on the

2 Polarization - As a safety Ieature, some units are equipped
with polarized AC power plugs which can only be inserted
one way into a power outlet. if it is difficult or impossible to
insert the AC power plug into an outlet, turn the plug over and
try again, If it still does not easily insert into the outlet, please
call a qualified service technician to service or replace the
outlet. To avoid defeating the safety feature of the polarized
plug, do not force it into a power outlet.

Owner-˜s "9qu . 3 AC power cord
For your convenience, record the model number and serial _ When disconnecting the AC power cord pull it out by the
number (you will find them on the rear of your set) in the space AC power plug. Do not pull the cord itself
provided below. Please refer to them when you contact your Aiwa _ Never handle the AC power plug with wet hands as "-œ5
dealer '" case 0' d'fl'm-˜lty- could result in fire or shock.
- Powercords should be firmly secured to avoid being severely
Model No. Serial No. (Lot No.) bent, pinched, or walked upon. Pay particular attention to
CX-NA303 the cord from the unit to the power outlet. .
- Av0id overloading AC power plugs and extension cords
SX-NA302 beyond their capacity, as this could result in fire or shock.
SX-R275 (NSX-A304 only)


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This section explains how to record from the tuner, CD player, or
external equipment.



0 Use Type I (normal) tapes only.

0 Set the tape to the point where recording will start.

- Note that recording is done on only one side of the tape.

1 Insert the tape to be recorded on into deck 2.
insert the tape with the side to be recorded on first facing out
irom the unit.


2 Press function (CD, TUNER or VIDEO/AUX) and
prepare the source to be recorded.
To record from a 9D, press CD and load the disc(s).
19 moord from a radio broadcast, press TUNER and tune
in to a station.

WW, press VIDEO/AUX and

3 Press 0 REC/REC MUTE to start recording.
When the selected function is CD, playback and recording
start simultaneously.

To stop recording, press I.
To pause recording, press II. (Applicable when the source is
TUNER orVIDEO/AUX) To resume recording, press it again.

Sound adjustment during recording

The output volume and tone oi the speakers or headphones may
be freely varied without affecting oi the recording.



Insertion of 4«seoond blank spaces enables you to activate the

Music Sensor tunction. (Applicable when the source is TUNER,


1 Press 0 REC/REC MUTE during recording or while In
recording pause mode.
on the display flashes for 4 seconds and the tape runs
without recording. After 4 seconds, the deck enters the
recording pause mode.

2 Press II to resume recording.

In 4 se , press 0
REC/REC MUTE again while is flashing.
To InseLt man]; spams 9! more than 4 seconds, afterthe deck

enters recording pause mode, press . REC/REC MUTE again.
Each time the button is pressed, a 4-second blank space is added.

h \

About cassette tapes

- To prevent accidental erasure, break off the plastic tabs
on the cassette tape alter recording with a screwdriver or
other pointed tool.

Tab tor side A

To record on the tape again, cover the tab openings with
adhesive tape, etc.

- 120-minute or longer tapes are extremely thin and easily
deiormed or damaged. They are not recommended.

0 Take up any slack In the tape with a pencil or similar tool
before use. Slack tape may break orjam in the mechanism.

To erase a recording

1 insert the tape to be erased into deck 2 and press TAPE!
DECK 1/2 to display -TP 2",

2 Set the tape to the point where the erasure is to be started.

3 Press 0 REC/REC MUTE to start the erasure.

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Insercién do Ias pilas
Quite Ia tapa de las piles, ubicada en la parte trasera del control
remoto, e inserte dos pilas R6 (tamafio AA).



Cuando reemplazar Ias pilas

La distancia méxima de operacién entre el control remote y el
sensor de sehales ole Ia unidad principal deberé ser de 5 metros
aproximadamente, Cuando disminuya esta distancia, reemplace
las pilas per etras nuevas.

Para utilizar SHIFT del control remoto

Les betones © lienen dos funciones diferentes. Una de estas
runciones se indica en el botén, y la otra en la placa situada
encima del botén.

Para utilizar la funcien del beten, pulse simplemente el beten.
Para utilizar la funcion de la placa situada encima del botén,
pulse el boron mlentras pulsa SHIFT.

Para utilizar FUNCTION del control remote

FUNCTION sustituye a los belongs de funcién (TAPEIDECK 1/
2.TUNER,VIDEOIAUX y CD) de la unidad principal.

Cada vez que 56 pulse FUNCTION, la slgulente luncien se
seleceionaré ciclicamente. Cuando haya cintas insertadas en
ambas platinas, oada platina Se seleccionara con FUNCTION.


SHIFT woo.





' SI el control remote no va a ser utilizado durante mucho tiempc.
quite las pilas para evitar las posibles fugas de electrélito.
- El control remote quizé no funeiene correctamente cuando:

- La llnea de vision entre el control remote y el sensor de
sefiales del interior del visualizador esté expuesta a una luz
lntensa oomo, por elemplo, la luz del sol.

- Otros controles remotes (los de un televisor, etc.) estén siendo
utilizados cerca de esta unidad.



I so

Para encender Ia unidad

Pulse uno de los belones do funcién (TAPE, TUNER, VIDEO]
AUX, CD), La reproduccién de la cinta 0 del disco insertado
empezara 0 se recibira la emisora previamente sinlonizada
(iuneién de reproduceién directs).

También podré utilizarse POWER.

Cuando se encienda la unidad, el compartimien-˜lo de los discos
tal vez se abra y se cierre para reponer la unidad.

Para desconectar la allmentaclén
Pulse POWER.

Ventanilla parpadeante

La ventanilla de la pane superior de la unidad se encenderé o
parpadeara-™ mienlras Ia alimenlacién esté conectada.

Para apagar la luz de la venlanilla superior. pulse I mientras
pulse CD. Para valver a encenderla, repita el procedimiento
seguido para apagarla.

Mode de demestracion (DEMO)

Cuando se conecte el cable de alimentacic-˜m de CA, el
vlsualizador mestrara las funcienes de la unidad. Cuando 5e
conede la alimentacién, la visualization DEMO sera' anulada
por la visualizaciOn de operaok-™m. Cuando se desconecte la
alimenlacién, el mode DEMO se repondra',

Para cancelar el mode DEMO

Pulse II SET estando desconectada Ia alimentacién. El reloj
parpadearé en el visualizador. (Para poner la hora actual,
consulte -œPUESTA EN HORA DEL RELOJ" en la pagina 15.
Para volver a activar el mode DEMO, pulse D estando
desconectada la alimenlaclon.

Juego de demostracien
Usled podré disfrutar del juego de demostracien con su slstema,
1 Pulse D.
En el visualizador empiezan a moverse tres numeres.
2 Pulse una vez I.
El nL-™imero del lado izquierdo es para.
a Pulse dos veces I para detener los dos numeros restanles.
Al empezar el juego dispondré de 20 puntes.
5| todes lg numeros son iguales se afiadiran 50 puntos a la
SW se la restaré un punto.
Si los puntos llegan a 9999. usted gana.
Si los puntos Ilegan a 0, usted pierde.
Para reiniciar el juego
Pulse CLOCK/DIMMEH y Iuego pulse >. El iuego empezaré
de nueve.

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Pour plus de détails. se reporter au mode d'emploi de I-˜appareil


- Les cordons de raooordement ne sont pas fournis. Se procurer
les cordons nécessaires.

- Pour les appareils optionnels disponibles, consulter Ie
distributeur Aiwa local.


Cet appareil peut recevoir des slgnaux sonorss analogiques par
(:93 prises.

Utiliser un cable a riches phono RCA pour connecter un appareil
audio (Ioume-disque, lecieur de disque laser, Iecieur de
minidisque, magnétoscope, téléviseur, 910.).

Connecter la fiche rouge a la prise VIDEO/AUX R e1 la fiche
blanche a la prise VIDEO/AUX L.

POLII' connecter un tourne-disque
Utiliser un iourne-disque Aiwa munl d-˜un amplificateur -˜a égaliseur


Cei apparell peut sortir les signaux sonores numériques de
disque compaci par cene prise. Uiiliser un cable optique pour
conneder un appareil audio numérique (platine DAT, enregislreur
de minidisque. elc.).

Enlever le capuchon anilpoussiére de la prise CD DIGITAL
OUT (OPTICAL). Ensuite, connecter Ia fiche d-™un came opilque
a cane prise.


Quand la prise CD DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL) n-™est pas
Meme en place le capuchon anlipoussiére fourni.


Connecier des enceinles surround optionnelles d-™une impédance
de 8 ohms a 16 ohms a ces prises.

-˜l7 FHANpAIs



Pour utiliser I-˜appareil connects aux prises VIDEO/AUX, procédei
de la maniére suivante.

1 Appuyer sur VIDEO/AUX.
-œVIDEO- ou -œAUX" apparait sur l'alfichags.

2 Metlre l-™appareil connecté en lecture.

Pour changer le nom de source sur l-™affichage

Quand on appuie suerDEO/AUX, -œVlDEO-ou l-˜AUX" esl afliche-™
Inltlalemeni. On peut remplacer cs nom par -œVIDEO-œ, -œAUX" on

L-˜appareil éiant sous tenslon, appuyer sur POWER tout en
appuyant sur VIDEO/AUX.

Répéler cells procédure pour séleclionner un des noms.