Aiwa CS P5W Owners Manual

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Aiwa CS P5W Owners Manual

Extracted text from Aiwa CS P5W Owners Manual (Ocr-read)

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On placement
. Do not use the unit in places which are extremely hot, cold,
dusty or humid. In particular, do not keep the unit:
- in a high humidity area such as a bathroom
~ near a heater
~ in an area exposed to direct sunlight (e.g., inside a
parked car, please be careful because it may become
extremely hot)
- Place the unit on a flat, even surface.

Cassette tapes

Tape slack It
Take up any slack in the tape with a pencil or similar tool
before use. Slack tape may break orjam in the mechanism

120-minute or longer tapes
These are extremely thin and easily deformed or damaged
They are not recommended.

To prevent accidental erasure It

Break off the plastic tabs on the cassette tape after record-
ing, with a screwdriver or other pointed tool.

@ Side A

(3 Tab for side A

To record on the cassette without the tab It
Cover the tab openings with cellophane tape.
© Cellophane tape

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AA (R6P) x 4


Using batteries It

1 Open the lid of the battery compartment.

2 Insert four size AA (R6P) batteries.
Insert them in the order of the numbers in the illustration
with the 9 and 6 marks correctly aligned.

3 Close the lid.

- Before using with batteries, disconnect the AC adaptor
from the AC inlet. Battery power is cut off automatically
when the AC adaptor is connected.

o No batteries are supplied with this unit.

Replacing batteries

The batteries need to be replaced when the tape speed
slows down, volume decreases, or sound is distorted during

Note on the batteries

- Do not mix different types of batteries, or old batteries with
new ones.

- When you are not going to use the unit for a long period of
time, remove the batteries to prevent possible electrolyte

- Never recharge the batteries, apply heat to them, or take
them apart as this could cause electrolyte leakage or