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Aiwa Cassette CD Catalogue

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-:~"AD-FSSDB_-~ we

AIWA'S Finest Deck for
State-of-the-art Sound Performance

The fabulous AD-F99OB is AlWAs most
advanced cassette deck, with features that not
only ensure simple, foolproof operation, but
also unmatched fidelity. Unquestionably the
most superlative 3-head deck in its class,

the AD-FQQOB offers advanced engineering
for superior total performance.

Amorphous Combination Head

The AD-F9908 features a head which promises to
Surpass almost every previous standard of top
performance. Unlike most metals which have

a uniform atomic configuration, amorph0us alloy is
a new noncrystalline material with nonspecific.
non-directional atomic configuration. When utilized
as head material, it is able to display such ideal
characteristics as a high maximum magnetic flux
density. outstanding signal linearity (due to lower
coercivlty), and minimal generation of electromagnetic
noise. Add to this a remarkable ' '
hardness for extra durability. and
you can understand why the
AD~F9908 delivers such

Superior performance.

Dolby HX Professional: A revolutionary new
approach to the problems of recording bias
Not noise reduction but an entirely new way of
processing signals. this sophisticated circuitry
functions during all recordings but requires no
processing during playback. For this reason.
whether cassettes are recorded with or without
Dolby noise reduction you'll have the advantage

of full playback compatibility in any type of cassette
equipment. HX stands for "Headroom Extension".
and it operates during recording by means of a
special circuit which dynamically adjusts bias levels
in response to the input signals. This contributes
to significant improvements in dynamic range.
while at the same time making possible a naturally
flat response in the upper frequencies. Because

the bias level is fixed in conventional cassette
decks. they are inevitably handicapped by the
phenomena of "self bias" and mutual bias".
resulting in inability to accurately reproduce high
frequency signals above a certain volume level.
Dolby HX Professional has been specifically de5igned
to deal with this problem. By use of a servo circuit
which functions independently in right and left
stereo channels during recording, AlWA's new decks
can ensure that ideal bias levels are applied at all
times. Because this contributes to reducing easily-
incurred high frequency tape saturation. you'll be
amazed at the clarity and absence of distortion;

a definite difference. if you plan to make tapes from
digital program sources, AIWA's decks are also
designed to take optimum advantage of the increased
recording headroom offered by Dolby C noise
reduction. Results of recordings in this mode are
truly superb: with metal tape. the AD~FQQOB boasts
a frequency response of 20 to 20,000Hz with
signal/noise an outstanding 80d8 (above 5kHz).

Dolby HX Professional characteristics

Vie-la faze

he'rnal face
i. 3:15» Ht Dre


Response (dB)

Frequency (kHz)

Auto Tape-Source Selector
Three-head decks normally require switching
between TAPE and SOURCE for monitoring. The

AD-FQQOB is equipped with a special clrcun that
automatically switches to the user~preferred cc-smon.
For greater control. manual switching IS also possible.

Auto Noise Reduction Detector

Whenever you play a tape recorded on the AD-FQQOB
it will switch to the correct NR setting (Dolby Cl
B/off) automatically.


Auto Recording Level Control

When recording begins. the level is set to the ideal
point for the type of tape in use. ensuring optimum
recording results.
Of course. manual
setting is also


ODATA (Digital Automatic Tape Adaptation) system

OFlat Keyboard" control panel

OADMS (AutovDemagnetizing System)

0 Micro-grain surfaced dual capstan transport

Olntrdplay facility

°Al|-mode tape remaining time display

OMemory Rewind and Repeat System

OFeather-touch electronic recording level control
with position indicator

0Fluorescent mum-function display v.-.l'.l :eair. hold

OMicrophone jacks (rear panell

°Auto Rec-mute

cAuto tape selector

H-program music sensor

oSwitchable MPX filter (rear paneI:

°Timer standby recordinglplaysau

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_AD-F36D _

Simplified Operation With Superb MUSiC Fidelity

Superb fidelity and easy operation in a simply
designed 2-head deck are yours with the
AD-F360. its feather-touch controls are mounted
on AlWAs flat keyboard operation panel for
enhanced convenience, while Dolby B & C
noise reduction and the fine bias control
enable you to make better recordings. With
that extra edge in features and fidelity, the
ADoF360 represents a remarkable sound value.

Flat Keyboard Operation Panel with IC Logic
Feather-Touch Control

AlWA's innovative flat keyboard operation panel
arranges all the feather-touch controls on a
horizontally angled panel so you can operate the
AD-F360 easily with light downward taps of your
finger. No more stooping to poke the controls like
with conventional designs. The feather-much
controls respond instantly to a light touch. and are
programmed so you can switch directly from mode
to mode without having to press Stop in between.

Cue & Review

This feature makes it possible to find tape locations
quickly by sound, in either direction. without
switching from the Play mode.

DC] oouav e-c NR

Dolby B a C Noise Reduction

Now a standard feature on the finest decks. Dolby C
noise reduction dramatically reduces annoying tape
hiss for clearer. more dynamic recordings. With
metal tape, the SIN ratio is 78dB (over 5kHz).
astonishing performance for a deck in this price
range. The widely popular Dolby B System is also
included for full compatibility when playing back
tapes recorded in this format.

Fine Bias Control for CrOz/Normal Tapes
Since recording characteristics may vary in different
brands of tape. this control enables 220% control

of recording bias for Normal and CrO, tapes.
allowing you to fine tune the deck for the tape being


0 High performance DX head

02-color &point LED peak level meters
0 Auto tape selector (Metal/CrOZINormal)
0 Auto/manual rec mute

0 Timer Rec/Play standby

0 Tape c0unter with reset

0 Stereo headphone jack

Flat Keyboard Panel and
Advanced Features fOl Extra Value

AIWAs new AD-F260 combines the operation
ease of our original flat keyboard operation
panel with superb features to deliver excellent
audio value in a quality 2-head deck. On the
flat keyboard operation panel are soft-touch
controls that respond smoothly, and impart

a distinctive user-friendly" feel. And, the
AD-F260 boasts many features commonly found
on more expensive decks, like Dolby B and
C noise reduction, a high-performance DX head,
and a fine bias control. A perfect blend of
features, fidelity and quality, the AD-F260 is
an unsurpassed value in top sound enjoyment

Flat Keyboard Operation Panel

AlWA's innovative flat keyboard operation panel

is a triumph in human engineering design.

All controls are laid out on a horizontally angled
keyboard" panel so you can operate the AD-F260
easily by natural downward finger strokes, rather
than pushing at the controls like with conventional

Soft-Touch Controls with Cue 8. Review

All the drive functions are easily operated with the
soft-touch controls, which respond smoothly and
swiftly to your commands. Cue & review has been
provided to enable you to locate desired musical
passages by sound in either direction without having
to switch from the Play mode.

DC] octave-c M:

Dolby B and C Noise Reduction

In addition to the widely popular Dolby 8 noise
reduction system. the newer Dolby C system is
included. It provides far more hiss reduction, while
expanding the dynamic range of every tape you make.
The result is clear. clean recordings that capture
the dynamic performance of todays digital and
high-level analog music sources.

Front Panel Fine Bias Control

Now you can get the best performance from
Normal and CrO; tapes, without the worry of bias
incompatibility. The fine bias control on the AD-F260

gives you a 120% range of adjustment that makes
it easy to "fine tune" bias to get exactly the
response that sounds best to you.


0 Rec~mute facility

0 Sliding-type recording level control and level
balance control

0 High performance DX head

0 Auto tape selector: MetallCrOZINormal

o Rec/Play timer standby

0 Tape counter with reset

0 Headphone jack