Aiwa CA DW537 Service Manual

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Aiwa CA DW537 Service Manual

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2 SPECIFICATIONS Design and specifications are subject to change without notice . REF. NO PART NO. KANRI DESCRIPTION NO. ACCESSORIES/PACKAGE LIST LH MODEL U MODEL Design and specifications are subject to change without notice . 1 8A-CT6-902-010 IB,LH(ESP)FM> 1 8A-CT6-903-010 IB,U(ESF)FM> 2 8Z-CDK-962-010 RC UNIT,RC-ZAT02(VS) 2 8Z-CK4-962-010 RC UNIT,RC-ZAT04 (VS) ! 3 87-A80-036-010 AC CORD SET ASSY,E W/FLTR VOL > ! 3 87-A80-033-010 AC CORD SET,D BLK! 3 87-A80-109-010 AC CORD,HK7281 BLK U>! 4 87-A90-312-010 PLUG,CONVERSION WTN-1157R1>

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3 PROTECTION OF EYES FROM LASER BEAM DURING SERVICING VAROITUS! Laiteen Käyttäminen muulla kuin tässä käyttöohjeessa mainit- ulla tavalla saattaa altistaa käyt-täjän turvallisuusluokan 1 ylit- tävälle näkymättömälle lasersäteilylle. VARNING! Om apparaten används på annat sätt än vad som specificeras i denna bruksanvising, kan användaren utsättas för osynling laserstrålning, som överskrider gränsen för laserklass 1.Caution: Invisible laser radiation when open and interlocks defeated avoid expo- sure to beam. Advarsel: Usynling laserståling ved åbning, når sikkerhedsafbrydere er ude af funktion. Undgå udsættelse for stråling. CAUTION Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure. ATTENTION L'utilisation de commandes, réglages ou procédures autres que ceux spécifiés peut entraîner une dangereuse exposition aux radiations. ADVARSEL! Usynlig laserståling ved åbning, når sikkerhedsafbrydereer ude af funktion. Undgå udsættelse for stråling. This Compact Disc player is classified as a CLASS 1 LASER product. The CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT label is located on the rear exterior. This set employs laser. Therefore, be sure to follow carefully the instructions below when servicing. WARNING! WHEN SERVICING, DO NOT APPROACH THE LASER EXIT WITH THE EYE TOO CLOSELY. IN CASE IT IS NECESSARY TO CONFIRM LASER BEAM EMISSION. BE SURE TO OBSERVE FROM A DISTANCE OF MORE THAN 30cm FROM THE SURFACE OF THE OBJECTIVE LENS ON THE OPTICAL PICK-UP BLOCK. CLASS 1 KLASSE 1 LUOKAN 1 KLASS 1LASER PRODUCT LASER PRODUKT LASER LAITE LASER APPARAT Precaution to replace Optical block (SF-P101NR) 1) After the connection, remove solder shown in the right figure. Body or clothes electrostatic potential could ruin laser diode in the optical block. Be sure ground body and workbench, and use care the clothes do not touch the diode. Solder PICK-UP Assy P.C.B

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